This Is Who I Am

Haley Sheppard


I have a big family. I have 3 little sisters that live with me and an older brother that lives with me. I also have another little sister and little brother that do not live with me. My parents are divorced and I have a step mom and step dad. I LOOOOVE my family!

Sports and Extra Curricular Activities

I love sports! I have played a lot of sports. When I was younger I played basketball, soccer, and I swam. When I started high school I played volleyball and now I just play soccer and tennis. Sports are a big part of my life. I am involved in the Beta Club and I am in Chorus. I love to sing.


My friends are everything! I have the best friends in the entire world! I do everything with my friends. I am a very sociable person.


In my future I would like to attend UNC Chapel Hill, NC State, College of Charleston, or USC for college. I want to become a vet or a nurse. I love working with people and animals and just helping them. I also want a big family when I grow up. I want about 4 kids.


I like science to a certain extent. I love the hands on, lab type stuff. I really like applying what I learn to an activity. It helps me absorb the information. I don't like Earth Science. I enjoyed Biology when we were doing labs but when we sat and did notes I was super bored. I just love hands on activities.