Gun Regulations controversy

Gun Issues

The issue that I am addressing today is the gun regulation controversy and all the people arguing whether you should be allowed to carry a gun in public and if you need a background check.

My Reasons

In my eyes I believe you should not be allowed to carry a loaded gun in public. It can harm you and the people around you. I also have a personal experience with guns because my uncle Jeff went crazy and shot himself. If he hadn't had such easy access to a gun he might still be alive. I'm fine with hunting, but you should require a background check and they definitely need to keep items like assault rifles from the general public.

The Facts

There is even proof of what I am saying. Researchers from the San Francisco University say that when somebody has easy access to firearms the chance of suicide or homicide is two times the chance than the average person. a quote from well known NBC News is "firearms cause an estimated 31,000 deaths annually in the United States." You have a much higher chance of harming yourself and others if you carry a concealed weapons in public.

Sum Up

I have a few more reasons than most people for these gun laws but I still believe in our rights. To me its fine to have a gun in your household but don't take it out into public, I mean, think about the what the kids will think. Also you should need a background check for owning a gun. And I'm not just saying my opinion, if you need another solid fact here's one, 66.5% of homicides are firearm related.


Everybody's opinion varies on this subject from disagreeing to agreeing to not caring at all. When you might hear a chance to help on this debate you would probably turn it down thinking it doesn't affect you, but it does. If every single person that had a chance to help did, then maybe my Uncle Jeff would still be alive and maybe, just maybe we could have saved all those children from the Sandy Hooks shooting. I strongly believe in my opinion on this topic.