Noble Gases

Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon, Radon, and element 118

What are Noble Gases?

Noble Gases are in Group 18 of the periodic table. All the gases in group 18 are odorless and colourless. All Noble Gases are minimally reactive and nonflammable. All noble gases have the maximum number of electrons on their outer shell.

Examples of Noble Gases

Characteristics of Noble Gases

Noble Gases are the most stable elements in the periodic table. They rarely react to other elements since they already have the maximum amount of electrons. All noble gases conduct electricity fairly well. All noble gases have low boiling points and high ionization levels. They are nonmetals and exist on the far right side of the periodic table.

Products containing Noble Gases

Here are some products containing noble gases:

  1. Lighted signs
  2. Refrigerants
  3. Lasers
  4. Metal production
  5. Automotive
  6. Thermal insulated windows