Twofer' Tuesday

Bee Meadow Shares...two at a time!

DK Find Out!

DK now has website filled with it's awesome content for kids. Many content areas include comprehension quizzes and videos. In addition, check out DK's Youtube Channel for more of their videos, and for travel information, check out DK's Eyewitness Travel.

Padlet: Online Sticky Note Wall

Padlet is a favorite tool for collaborative brainstorming... and more! Simply create an account, create wall (verify wall settings) and share URL with students. Students simply click on wall to add text, upload or link. It even allows for webcam pictures. No need for student accounts! It's available via web or IOS app on ipads. Sticky notes can be moved around to organize too! Padlet can be used for exit tickets, collecting think I knows, questions, book reviews, and more. You could even add voice recordings by using Vocaroo and adding link to wall. If you'd like talk about using Padlet...I'm here to help out! -Deb