Raymore Update: 02/18/14

News For & About our Staff Family & PLC

Friendship Party Fun!!

Inspirational Quote

Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.

Wish You Well

Suzanne Wratney's mother-in-law with whom she and her family are close, Ruth E. Wratney, passed away. As you know she had been planning to take a leave of absence for the next several weeks to be with her while she was in hospice. Please keep Suzanne and her family in our thoughts and prayers as they travel, make the necessary decisions and spend time together during this difficult time. Services were held Sunday and Monday in Illinois. Suzanne shared that it was decided if anyone should ask, in lieu of flowers donations can be sent in Ruth's memory to Parkview Christian Church, 11100 Orland Pkwy, Orland Park, IL 60467. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers in the coming days as she grieves with her family and focuses on details from her mother-in-laws estate.

Karen Green's father is out of the hospital and in the St. Joseph hospital rehab facility. Please keep Karen and her family in your thoughts and prayers as well that he continues healing.

Congratulations to Ashley & Aaron Thomas on the birth of their new baby boy Braxton. Braxton was born on 2/7/14 at 3:45 a.m., weighing in at 6 pounds and 18 inches. Being a little early he was admitted to the NICU to allow him time to become more mature. He is expected to come home sometime this week. Please keep your thoughts and prayers with Ashley's family.

Please wish Marlena Dearing and her baby well as she goes on maternity leave Feb. 21st.

Happy Counselor and Focus Facilitator Week Jenni Beck and Kristy Warren!! Thank you for everything you do for our students and staff. We will celebrate this Friday!

Gum and Jeans for GG and Renee

Our students will be participating in the Gum Drive for GG on Tuesday, Feb. 25. Please include the blurb that Heather sent out in email in your newsletters.

We will also have our Jeans for GG next week- Feb. 24-28. For $25, you can wear jeans ALL week with street wear. Please make sure to give cash or checks payable to GG and give your money to Renee. All money raised will go directly to GG.

Thank you so much Raymore family- you are all so caring and together we can really make a difference for GG and her husband, Rene.

Winter Conferences

Winter Conferences were a success! Thank you for ensuring strong communication between school and parents. We know it truly takes both parties working together to make sure students are successful. Don't forget to mark how many conferences were held and how many you need to reschedule on the "February Parent Conference" shared document. Please list the rescheduled date of any conferences that you are rescheduling. If you have any questions, let Michelle or Jennika know. We are happy to help.

Major Saver Assembly- Friday, Feb. 21

This Friday February 21 at 9:00 a.m. we will have our Major Saver Kick Off Assembly.

As always, thank you for reviewing assembly expectations with your class prior to the assembly. Our school family did a great job at following expectations last week at the Great American Magazine assembly. There is no doubt they will do the same this week.

Don't forget:

March 14 2:30 p.m. - Kevin Horner "Speaking Up For Those Who Speak Up For Themselves" Assembly

Check out Keven Horner's Website for more information regarding this assembly:


Seven Strategies Focus: Stars and Stairs

“Effective Feedback acts like a global positioning system for students, telling them how close they are to the target and what steps they can take to reach it.”-from Seven Strategies for Assessment for Learning. Stars and Stairs is a very effective feedback strategy that lets students know where they are and what they need to do to move to the next level. It is easy to incorporate into goal setting and tracking and works well with not only academics but also behavior.

STAR: Starting point-Where the student is hitting the target at current time.

STAIR: Intervention “I” in STAIR because I need to do ------.

**See page 75-76 and appendix in Seven Strategies for more information on Stars and Stairs.

Check out this anchor chart for Stars and Stairs!

Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind

Thank you to our Habits Team for the great presentation on Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind! Remember one of the best ways to incorporate Habit 2 into your life is to develop a Personal Mission Statement. It focuses on what you want to be and do. It is your plan for success. It reaffirms who you are, puts your goals in focus and moves your ideas into the real world. Take some time to really figure out where you will be at the end of this year or in five years! How can you implement Habit 2 in your classroom so students start to "begin with the end in mind"?
Habit 2- Begin with the End in Mind
Avicii - Wake Me Up (Lyric Video)
Jannah Bolin Sings The 7 Habits

Teacher of the Year and Support Staff Employee of the Year 2014 Nominations

The Ray-Pec School District is seeking nominations for the 2014 Teacher of the Year and the 2014 Support Staff Employee of the Year awards. A combined banquet is scheduled for May 7 to honor finalists in both awards programs. Send nomination letters by March 14 to: Ray-Pec Teacher of the Year/Support Staff Employee of the Year program, Administrative Services Center, P.O. Box 789, Peculiar, MO 64078, or to Michele Stidham, Communication Director, atMichele.stidham@raypec.org or rpupdate@raypec.org. For information about criteria and prizes, go to:www.raypec.k12.mo.us.

Reminders & FYIs-some new!

  • Reminder: No Faculty Meeting Wednesday, Feb. 19

  • Don't forget to check out students in Protabula when they are visiting a buddy room. Now that teachers have access to individual student data it is important we make sure we enter all incidents to provide us with the most accurate data. It's also important to remember to check students back in once they return to your room. Please let Jennika, Michelle or Kristy know if you have any questions.

  • If you have any pictures of great things going on in your classroom or family, please send them to Jennika. I would love to share with others in our Weekly Staff Update.
  • Looking for previous copies of our Weekly Staff Updates? If so, these can be found on our Raymore Tigers Weebly site under "For Staff" & then click on "Raymore Update".

  • How to make a short cut on your iPad home screen: 1. Copy and paste the link below into the Safari web browser 2. Once Safari brings up the link, look for the icon that is a square with an arrow pointing upward. This icon is in the upper left hand corner of Safari. 3. Click on the icon. Next click on the icon "add to home screen" 4.Click "add"
  • Call or text Michelle & Jennika if you're going to be unexpectedly absent (after 4 pm day before). 616-4210 and 550-4434
  • Call or text Michelle if you will be in the building on the weekend! Protection One and Raymore PD contact her directly, so it's important she is aware in case a worry arises. 616-4210
  • Remember to check the RE Shared Calendar for events! We are still adding, and things change.
  • Remember to add your current class schedule to the Google RE Shared Folder & before you implement changes; post outside your door too.
  • Classroom doors should remain locked and the magnet strip should be used to allow access into classrooms. If you need a new magnet, please notify Jennika.
  • Attendance should be entered in SIS each morning by 9:00 a.m. Thank you for making sure this is done in a timely manner.
  • Remember to add your lesson plans to the Google RE Shared Folder each Monday by 8:20 a.m.

PLC: Our Mission, Vision, Values

As a professional learning community, we commit to three big ideas:

  1. Focus on Learning
  2. Build a Collaborative Culture
  3. Focus on Results

We answer four questions:

  1. What do we expect our students to learn? (Goals/Expectations)
  2. How will we know they are learning? (Assessment)
  3. How will we respond when they don’t learn? (DI Intervention)
  4. How will we respond if they already know it? (DI Extension)

To fulfill our mission & vision:

  • M: Preparing each student for a successful and meaningful life
  • V: Turning today's learners into tomorrow's leaders

With these commitments:

  • We are committed to consistency & accountability for each student's success.
  • We are committed to a system of support for students and adults.
  • We are committed to a safe, trusting and collaborative environment.
  • We are committed to best practices.
  • We are committed to high expectations for learning, behavior and citizenship.
  • We are committed to quality communication & positive relationships with all stakeholders
  • We are committed to effective communication regarding student progress.
  • We are committed to data-driven decision making.
  • We are committed to use of appropriate channels for communication.
  • We are committed to a guaranteed (consistent) and viable (doable) curriculum.
  • We are committed to maintaining fiscal responsibility while improving student achievement