SOAR RECAP and Important Tidbits

New and Exciting Features Coming in April!

New Features for Designers!

The Regional Events held in San Diego and Nashville this past January were basically a day of training to help designers with current features and give us insight on what to expect for this coming year. The estimated date is April 16th to have these implemented by. While many features are in beta with few designers now, the end product could still change but the concept remains the same!

Here is what the following newsletter will recap:

  • New Starter Kits
  • Who's the Boss- Taking control of your business
  • Shipping Options
  • Hostess Hoot Loot Program
  • Hostess Coaching and New Company Provided Hostess Folder and Handouts
  • Intro to new member of the Nest, Darlene Santore, Chief Performance Officer
  • New Party Tab
  • O2 Connection- Monthly Customer Newsletter (due late February)
  • Annu-OWL Conference for July 12-13 at Phoenix Convention Center
  • Origami Owl teams up with Rascal Flatts

New Starter Kits-4/16

A. The new starter kit options (launch packages) will be the starter kit and perfect, we will remain with these 2 kit options. They are what we have now just renamed.

B. NEW- Supplement Packages- selected groups of charms and tags, different categories that will be grouped together for new designers to be able to select a "Starter" kit but then branch off into a supplement pack already grouped together to save them time from going through and figuring out popular charms or other categories to purchase at start up as well.

***For current designers, because the Supplement Package is something new, when it goes live, current designers will be able to make a ONE time purchase within the first 30 days.

Who's the Boss?- led by Dawn Shea

Presenting the Perfect Week- 10 hour work week and 26 hour work week templates (Available in Back Office) on how to run your business.

For continued success BE the boss of your OWN business. The responsibility of how you run your business falls on you, not your mentor, not your friends, on you. Take control of your day and make a plan to stick within that schedule. Even if you don't end up in the gym and just at the parking lot of the gym, thats time you take for yourself and not taking calls during that period. You want to set up business hours, be flexible with them, you know during holidays we all get last minute calls but also learn when to not answer the phone and check that email later.

The following examples of the Perfect Week is when you dedicate at least 10 hours (hobby/part time) or 26 hours a week to your business as it fits in to your daily life.

On the 10 hour work week:

  • You would be hosting 4 jewelry bars a month
  • average about $1200 in PV
  • Reach out to about 40 new people a month (calls, jewelry bars, events, anyone you contact about the business i.e., if you have 10 people at each of your 4 jewelry bars, THAT's your 40 people:)
  • On average you would have about 1-2 new team members a month
  • $200 profit a week

On the 26 hour work week:

  • You would host 10 jewelry bars a month
  • Have about $3000 in PV
  • Reach about 100 people per month
  • Sponsor 4-6 new recruits
  • Profit about $500 a week
  • At 26 hours you would be working towards promotions for Senior Team Leader or Executive Team Leader
  • With a team building, the override check you are receiving (commission) is average $1000 a month, which equals $30-$40 an hour!

Shipping Options- 4/16

We have 4 types of Shipping Options, all provided through Fed Ex.

  • Shipping time in grid below DOES include packaging and processing time.
  • The applies to all orders (wholesale and retail), based on the retail value.
  • Online orders that only have 1 locket order will ship to customer for $4.95. It can only be one locket and charms (otherwise, the Nest would not know what order to package them up in)
  • New option: Will ship to hostess for $4!! When utilizing Party tab, if the order is a direct ship to hostess, the whole order will only be $4.
  • This map will show you the Fed Ex Ground Service Map

*Please note that ONLY with Ground service will an order be delivered on Saturday, it does not apply to any other shipping option.


The Hostess Hoot Loot program will be taking place of the designer rewards, Hoot Loot. We will no longer be in charge of providing our hostesses with their compensation as it will come directly from the company, so familiarize yourself with the Party Tab! This new program will include:

  • FREE product, Hostess Exclusive items, 50% off items discount AND FREE SHIPPING FOR THE HOSTESS!
  • Booking rewards- incentives
  • Hostess exclusive items (no detail provided)

I.E. You total out a party and it was a $700 Jewelry Bar. Based on the *tentative new rewards program the hostess will receive:

  • $125 in FREE PRODUCT
  • 3, 50% off items
  • 60% off hostess special, exclusive items
  • Booking Bonus if a friend books a bar off hers

******A Qualifying Jewelry Bar has 4 orders and must have $125 in sales!******

How to Navigate a Jewelry Bar, Overview to Handouts to Help you Prep and Close.

The Back Office is now ready with some great handouts to keep you prepped for your jewelry bars! You've already had success because someone has booked and set a date for a jewelry bar, now what?

Give yourself a review of Jewelry bar 411:

Find out what style bar we need to accomodate her, some theme ideas include:

Now it's time for Hostess Coaching to set in place: You need to see how she wants to invite and entice her guests, we have emailed style invitations, postcards to mail out (designers do yourself), Facebook events to utilize photo ideas, etc.

  • When I host a jewelry bar I always let my hostesses know the different forms of communication we can use. I almost always set up a private jewelry bar (this will have to be done through your personal FB page as they keep changing settings on us, otherwise your hostess address will be available for all to see and anything you post will be public)
  • I use an invitation style that is provided in the back office or some use a website like or

Use the handout for Hostess Coaching to set the rest in motion and give you a timeline for when to communicate and get prepped for the jewelry bar:

This handout mentions to review the Hostess Folder with your hostess, what's that?

A brand new company provided HOSTESS FOLDER is getting ready for us!

This is the layout shown to us at SOAR with writing and useful tools all over and double pockets to utilize for the Hostess WIsh List too!

PreOrders: Those orders you can get after she books but before the party. You want to encourage people and your hostess to not just count on those present but lets get preorders going because those help her too and its a win win, you can't make it but still get your order!

  • Day of the Jewelry Bar:

You of course need your merchandise kit and table display but is that all? NO!

  • Make sure your paperwork is in order, invoices, catalogs,contact slips to help you find out what potential the guests have.

I always use a 9x12 clasp envelope and staple a party summary sheet to the front:

  • Take gift certificates just in case:
  • You always want extra hostess information for those friends booking off the hostess:

(In the medical field when interacting with patients, I always tell my staff, EVEN if you don't know what the answer is, answer confidently without hesitancy that you do not know but will find out and get back to them It's all in the delivery that people are looking to see what can set you apart and validate you!)

  • Time to get out of there, the typical jewelry bar lasts 2 1/2-3 hours and I always try to arrive an hour early especially when starting out, I can now set up in about 15-30 min but do not like being rushed so always give yourself a cushion! Follow the handout for Closing Strategies to see how you can wrap things up:

Introducing Darlene Santore!

Please take the time to read up on Darlene, an amazing woman who is here to guide designers and keep us motivated about our businesses! She actually gave up an opportunity to be on Tony Robbins' team and it moving to Arizona to head as Origami Owl's Chief Performance Officer.


Today is your lucky day, today I am here to tell you, you CAN do it, you CAN achieve all that you want!

Origami Owl is now the second fastest growing direct sales company in the country!

A Call to Action:

  • Decide On It
  • Commit to It
  • Dream It
  • Envision It
  • Act It
  • Love It
  • Share It- Pay it forward, Inspiration

People that write things down are successful with seeing it through!

SO this is our "2013 Call to Action Challenge"

New Party Tab/ Order Forms

WE have new things with the Party Tab feature, NEW ORDER FORMS!, Separate packaging for each creation and a change on shipping for party orders.

Party Tab: Some new features on the party tab is of course, we utilize it! Because the company will now sponsor hostess rewards, it is imperative we use the tab to get everything we need to to the hostess.

  • When shipping to hostess it is only $4!!!! Now, that also means NO orders from that party will be shipped until the party closes, MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW UP!
  • What about our Hoot Loot? AS previously discussed, designer rewards will be replaced with Hostess Rewards, HOWEVER we can set up parties under our names to get Hostess Rewards this will be allowed as well as the option for us to still buy wholesale for inventory (for events, big shows, etc)
  • There will now be a SAVE button for Party tab
  • As reviewed this week, when people go online to the website instead of our replicated sites, a pop up will begin to prompt them whether or not they are already working with a designer. If so they will be redirected. If not, they will be directed towards a designer in their area.

Order Forms: We will now be going to 4 ply order forms!!!

  • One copy for the designer, one for hostess, page 3&4 for customer.
  • Customer Info: Have guests fill out contact info and still has options on whether they'd like to receive more info on Company/Hosting a Party/ or Email Newsletter
  • Guests build their lockets and we now have 3 areas on one order form to write down multiple orders:)
(Items will ship together, separated by creation, so make sure everything for that creation is written under that column.)

  • Have guest indicate shipping option, to the hostess, to them or gifted to a different address.
  • You want to encourage shipping to hostess because then shipping is the low price of $4 when a qualifying jewelry bar ($125 and a min of 4 orders) is met.
  • Payment Info: Total the subtotals in boxes 1+2+3, if more than 3 orders, use second form. Review shipping grid, Add up sales tax (where applicable) and get credit card info.
  • If you are taking checks, checks are to be written out to you.

Pay Anywhere

Pay Anywhere partnered with Origami Owl after the East Coast event. It is a credit card service reader that is offering live support exclusively for Origami Owl designers.

*Side note- While they partnered with Origami Owl, we are not required to use them as our credit card service. When you place orders online, you can process through O2, EXCEPT AMEX. Why have a card reader? Its convenient when placing wholesale orders or if you carry inventory to get paid for it. Speak with your mentor if you have questions on which credit card reader is right for you.

O2 Connection, Company Provided Newsletter to Customers

By now, everyone should have received a link to the O2 Connection portal, this is something different from the Back office and O2 Loop. If you have not received it, please contact your mentor.

  • The best thing about O2 Connection is it will bring forward orders directly to our inbox, give us a way to communicate with our customers on the latest product info, specials, hostess exclusives JOINING, and interact with our replicated site as well!
  • The analytics: While we have means of doing all this already to some form, this totaling summarizes all the work within itself! The site generates what is called "warm call reports, spaced out throughout the month. It will report Every person who looked at the newsletter and clicked through it telling us what they became interested in.
  • For example, you receive your first report and it lets you know that Megan clicked on the link to Join Our Team. You can then make a time slot to call Megan and "check in" to see how she is doing and how she is loving her necklace and if she was interested in any more information on the company at this time.... NICE HUH?!!
  • This service style is currently used by many other direct sales company for an added fee on top of the monthly website charge. It can cost anywhere from $9.95- $14.95 for this one feature. Origami Owl price..... FREE!!!!


We are headed back to home base this July as Origami Owl will present the first National Convention to be held at the Phoenix Convention Center!

Yes, this little company that projected 800 designers within its first year of business has OUTGROWN hotel conference rooms and they have booked the Convention Center.

Early registration will be $175.00 to attend.

More details will be released soon, Check out the Team Swift document and put your name on the list and tell your mentor if you will be attending.

They advised us to plan on starting mid friday July 12 and July 13th all day and ready to leave Sunday. Some designers are arriving Thursday and the first hotel Origami Owl partnered with is the Sheraton Hotel Downtown Phoenix (normally $200/ $99 a night for convention)

** At last note, this hotel had sold out, check the back office or Team Swift for updates on other hotels O2 has partnered with within the area****


WE had some issues last week with the webinar but its VERY clear in your back office! We have partnered wit Rascal Flatts to include a limited edition CHANGED tag and now the company has announced a special promotion to win special O2 gear and the chance to meet them in person!!!

Read about the partnership here:

*Note, this video is for DESIGNERS ONLY, do not share.

Tuesday February 26 is the kickoff date so let your customers know you can take preorders now and PLEASE read all the details in the back office! They have supplied us with some great marketing features and information on how we collect points to earn product:)

Policy and Procedures UPDATED!! Make sure to pay close attention on what you cannot use for website, social media and email titles!

Thank you!

I can't tell ya'll enough and everyday but I am so appreciative of each and every one of you for joining OUR team and building it to something I never imagined when I started. It's been probably the best and most difficult year of my life. I owe a huge amount of gratitude to my front line for supporting myself and one another this fall season because I did take a little time off to get myself together. For those that do not know I am 31 weeks pregnant now and it's been a long difficult road. While I am trying to stay out of the hospital for at least a few more weeks to get my affairs in order, I will of course always be available for you all just not as quick to respond. Your mentors are your first line on contact and if they aren't available I'm here too and glad to assist.

We no longer have a Team Swift Dropbox but I am working on something else to help us out for a quick reference. It is very important though that you try to utilize the Back Office and become familiar with it. I understand its nice to have Dropbox feature on the desktop and easy access but for those that did use the previous Dropbox, understand this new one will be different. It will be an a read-only mode. I believe as we grow, much like why they other was done away with, many people do not understand how to Save As and the maintenance on keeping on adding files that have been accidentally deleted is very cumbersome and takes away from time we could be using wisely on training, and guiding you all.

As we enter March, start dropping hints about Mother's Day and gets those parties booked!


Love, Vanessa