By Brianna Spence

How hurricanes form.

A hurricane forms with strong winds up to 74 mph per hour. By this spinning it creates coiled bands of thunderstorms. Then by this the hurricane makes waves up to 50 ft tall ! Then when the hurricane hits the shore the waves are up to 20 ft tall and makes massive flooding !

What clouds come with a hurricane

Cumulonimbus clouds come with this storm. These clouds come with sever thunderstorms and cause flooding with the hurricane.

Hurricane scales

Hurricanes have many different scales.(located in the picture below)
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Precautions for hurricanes

  • precautions for hurricanes are:
  • flashlight and extra batteries
  • have emergency food and water
  • ECT...

Hurricane Warnings

Just like a tornado, a hurricane warning has a siren and tells you to get to HIGH GROUND. The signs for hurricanes are strong winds, pounding rain, and high tides. All of these signs will help you know if a hurricane is coming. Also flooding is going to acre.
So if your ever are in a hurricane get to HIGH GROUND.


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