Lord Of The Flies

William Golding

Character Analysis - Simon

Simon was a little skinny boy with a glance coming up from under a hut of straight hair that hung down.

Simon was really brave he went in the cave looking for the monster.

Simon was also very kind.

Character Changes

Simon stayed the same throughout the book. He was killed by the hunters.


There was a cave on the Island there was a lot of wind also and all the kids were alone on the Island.


The story was about kids flying from England and the plane crashed. They crashed on an island where there were no adults. They were all lost. After they were hunters and killed 2 of their hunters and the marines came and saved them.


  • Born 1911.
  • Died 1993.
  • Golding also wrote plays many and reviews and several short
  • Other Books like The Inherhors, The Spire, Pinche Mavtin
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