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It's More Than A "Yearbook"- It's "Your-Book"

Owning a yearbook is essential because a yearbook is a bundle of memories presented on paper. It is a way to remember the good times and hold your high-school experience in your hands.

If you are interested in playing a part in Stewarts Creek, then you should consider purchasing a yearbook or even joining the Yearbook staff for 2016-2017.

The yearbook staff is now accepting applications for new members! Applications are available in Mrs. Meadows room (107). Please make sure that you have a personal reference from your English teacher.

Jason Martinez, a two year yearbook member, says that joining yearbook was one of his greatest experiences in high-school. "It felt really good for me to help create something for everyone to enjoy, and it is a great way to express creativity in a fun way."

Also, it is not too late to purchase a yearbook for this year; however, time and supply is running out! There are only 70 yearbooks remaining. Yearbooks are on sale NOW for $90. Yearbooks will be sold while supplies last the day of the handout for $100.

If you want to be a part of this memory capturing process by buying your own yearbook or joining the yearbook staff, then now is the time!

-Kali Clem

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Hawks Getting Goals

Get ready, red zone! The men's soccer team prepares to start their season off against Blackman March 15th, 7pm at Red Hawks Stadium.

Stewarts Creek's record against Blackman is 1-2. Last year we beat the Blackman Blaze and show signs of an improving soccer team since our first year. Cameron Reed is a student who has played soccer all three years at Stewarts Creek and also played one year at Blackman his freshman year.

Ever since he was five years old when he watched the world cup in 2002, he has loved soccer. Being around friends and having fun is what he loves so much about the sport. Every summer the soccer team practices in the mornings and trains to get ready for the upcoming season.

Cameron Reed evaluates on his training by saying, "It is very difficult, but the team pushes each other to get better."

Over the course of three years, the men's soccer team has made it to regional finals, but Cameron Reed believes they can go even farther this year.

He stated, "This season we hope to get farther than regionals and make it to state." He and the team are very excited for this season and believe they will win many games this year.

-Jacob Gawthorp

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The Time is Near

With Senior Week, prom, and graduation right around the corner, it’s time for our seniors to take some time to reminisce on the last four years of their lives.

They’ve laughed together, cried together, and shared many, many memories together. They have all worked so hard to get to one day in their lives, Graduation Day.

Have we ever thought about asking our own seniors what kind of advice they would give to next year’s upcoming seniors?

Nikita Morgan attended Smyrna High School her freshman year of high school. “One piece of advice I wish I had been told upon entering my freshman year is to choose your friends wisely and don’t tell everybody your business,” she responded.

She also wished she would have dressed nicer and cared a little bit more.

She concluded, “A piece of advice I would offer to upcoming freshman is always try to be the first ones to lunch!”

-Briana Travis

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HOSA members are hitting the books hard as the State competition on March 22 in Nashville is rapidly approaching.

Students from all over the state will be gathered together in Nashville to compete in the state competition. Competitors are doing all they can in order to move on to Nationals. There are multiple categories such as Dental Terminology, Certain Skills, Public Service Announcements, Clinical Specialty, and more. Some students are competing individually while others are competing in groups.

There are several things needed in order to go to HOSA state competition. In order to even go to state you must place in the top three of the regional competition. You must also have all paperwork filled out by its due date, and it costs $170.00.

Miss Kayla Newton has been in HOSA for three years and is planning on being in the club again next year.

"I went to State last year and I placed first in Clinical Specialty, so I ended up going to Nationals; I did not place. Despite last year at Nationals, I'm also going to state again this year," stated Miss Newton.

When going to State, students may go to the Wild Horse Salon, walk around the mall, or just explore different environments which usually ends up being the competitors' favorite part.

"My overall favorite experience is definitely a toss up between going to California and seeing all the amazing things. Just the feeling of knowing I made it to Nationals was indescribable because I felt like I just bombed the whole competition," explained Miss Newton.

-Ciara Smith

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Editors: Cami Farr & Brandon Ruiz

Journalists: Gabby Chesak, Kali Clem, Jacob Gawthorp, Kelsey Hendrix, Taylor Huston, Elizabeth Lancaster, Ciara Smith, Jaylon Smith, Kylie Stephens, Briana Travis