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The virtual assistant service is a big boost to the modern business world. It means the delegation of tasks usually done by secretaries and office assistants to a new breed of support staff. The settings are entirely different because the virtual assistant works remotely from the home and this could be thousands of miles away.

The concept of virtual assistant service has changed the office landscape to a large extent enabling small enterprises and start-ups to save on financial resources, time and working space. Assignments are delegated by the business owner through the worldwide web while fees are made through online payment systems and bank transfers. Majority of virtual assistants are even more efficient compared to traditional clerks.

Jack of All Trade

A competent virtual assistant (VA) is a master of many things. This is why many business owners choose to invest on the virtual assistant service. The VA takes care of data entry; answers email correspondences; transcribes notes and minutes of meetings; create newsletters; and, posts replies or announcements on social media sites. This independent contractor is also capable of managing product launches and Internet marketing campaigns. Some virtual assistants are also knowledgeable of basic bookkeeping, creative design, content writing, and web development. It is possible to contract the services of virtual assistants through short-term, long-term or project-based arrangements.

Emergence of VA Service

Virtual assistant service started to grow as telecommuting (remote work) became popular in 2005 and reached its highest point in 2012. In the United States, the number of freelance workers or independent contractors increased by almost 80 percent and now comprise around 34 percent of the of total workforce in the country. The main reason for this phenomenal growth is technology advancement. Businesses are able to access a large pool of skilled workers that may not be available in their locations. Virtual assistants can perform tasks without being physically present and have more flexibility in terms of work schedules. Smart entrepreneurs have put up virtual assistant companies and continue to supply corporate organizations with experts in administrative, creative and technical areas.

Why Hire Virtual Assistants

The virtual assistant service is the best option for business proprietors who fall under these categories:

  • There is no sufficient budget for hiring a full-time administrative assistant.
  • The business owner lacks the necessary skills to perform special tasks.
  • Work to be done does not call for physical presence.
  • More time is spent for organizing tasks instead of actual implementation.
  • Tasks to be performed have been identified but the entrepreneur does not have the manpower to execute these tasks.

Even so, virtual assistants still need the proper guidance from their employers. It is still important to give the virtual assistant service direction as to the type of work that needs to be accomplished. A lot of employers provide training programs to upgrade the expertise of contractors. This strengthens the working relationship between the two parties and develops trust over the long-term.

For clever entrepreneurs, it is all a matter of learning how to scale their enterprises effectively. This is the secret behind efficiency and eventual success of the business. The virtual assistant service is certainly the most logical and cost-effective option in case it does not make sense to employ a permanent staff for your venture.