PD Newsletter

Christmas Edition 2013

Welcome to our final newsletter of the year!

As the term and year come to an end, we here at PD have decided to trial a new way of presenting our newsletter to you - that is, moving it online!

In doing so not only do we hope to make it easily accessible and user friendly for you, but we also aim to do our bit for society by cutting down on the hundreds of sheets of paper used when we send it to print!

Let us know what you think!

In the meantime, be assured this edition is power packed with interesting stuff for you. End of year tips from the PD Team, Updates on PD courses, more success stories and much, much more!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. Professional Development Team

CPD course updates

New year, new PD course?

As the new year kicks in some of you may be thinking: I want my New Years resolution to be all about my own professional development.

Well, that's a great idea and you don't have to look any further than the CPD team at EHWLC.

Courses by the PD team next year (2014) are:

Preparing to teach in the Life Long Learning Sector (PTLLS):
7 January 2014 - 10 April 2014
530pm-845pm, Acton campus
* Level 4 introduction to the roles and responsibilities of teachers and whilst not an actual teaching qualification, it does give you a ‘threshold licence to teach’.
The course covers:
* the key legislation and educational values that in-form teaching practice
* how to plan courses and lessons and assess learning
*what methods and resources to use in lessons in order to meet a range of learning needs and learning objectives.

Teaching Higher Education in Further Education:
27 Jan 2014 - 7 Apr 2014
530pm-8pm, Barons Court campus
*Level 7, 20-credit module aims to support the professional development of lecturers in F.E. contexts who are teaching at an H.E. level.
*Explores participants’ own concepts of professional identify as HE in FE practitioners and aims to encourage participants to take responsibility for their own continuous professional development and to refine their scholarship and research skills.

E-teaching: 30 April 2014 - 7 July 2014, 530pm - 830pm, Acton campus
* L3 practical course is for you if you are a teacher or trainer and want to explore and exploit technology in the classroom.
The sessions will focus on:
*Presentation software
*social media tools (e.g. blogging)
*e-assessment tools
*and plenty more!

30 April 2014 - 7 July 2014
530pm - 830pm, Acton campus
* L3 practical course is for you if you are a teacher or trainer and want to explore and exploit technology in the classroom.
The sessions will focus on:
*Presentation software
*social media tools (e.g. blogging)
*e-assessment tools
*and plenty more!

Updates from the CPD Team

PD analyst/administrator completes the PTLLS course

Our analyst/administrator, Navta Vij, has finally completed her Preparing to Teach in the Life Long Learning Sector (PTLLS) course!

After slogging it out for 13 weeks and with a little bit of moaning along the way, she has managed to get through all her assignments in one piece.

As part of this, Navta was required to complete a micro-teach on a chosen topic. To keep her group entertained she chose to focus on Bollywood, but, more importantly, identified key concepts that underpin mainstream Bollywood films…other than singing and dancing!

This is not to say that singing and dancing didn’t feature. To keep the group entertained Navta demonstrated how to shake a leg to the latest craze sweeping Bollywood films…’item dance numbers’. This is a dance form/act that generally has little to do with the film in which it appears, but is usually included to ‘glamorize’ and can also become the USP of the film.

This was generally received well by the group.

Graduation Day!

Our teacher trainers, Ben Beaumont and Martin Compton, accompanied the Certificate in Education class of 2011-2013 (two year cohort) for their graduation day, hosted by the University of Westminster.

Everyone involved had an absolutely lovely time and all of us here at PD would like to congratulate the students for their outstanding achievement.

Below are course leaders Ben (left) and Martin (right) with student (and STEM lecturer) Kazi Rahman.

Updates to the CPD application process

We have aimed to make your life easier when it comes to applying for your choice of CPD. Firstly, the guidance and forms on the staff portal have been updated. You can access these by following the link:

Secondly, please note that for external CPD applications, forms must be signed off by your departmental director (section six on form A) as well as your Head of Department.