Stop CyberBulling

Spread a Little Kindness!

What is cyberbulling?

Cyberbulling is sending mean messages and texts to someone. (Go to to see the full definition)
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What are the types of cyber bullying?

- Flaming and trolling: sending hostile messages

- Happy slapping: posting embarrassing pictures or videos of another person

- Identity theft: stealing passwords and information and posting humilating content

- Photoshopping: edits photo to embarrass you

- Physical threats: sending a threatening message that hurts their feelings

- Spreading rumors: spreading embarrassing things about a person

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Some tips to prevent cyber bullying

- Research what cyber bullying is and how it happens

- Safeguard your password and all private information

- Before you post a picture of yourself make sure you want other people and your family to see it

- Try not to post something that people will criticized you for

- Raise awareness to stop cyber bullying in your school or town

- Make sure you are private and only your trusted friends can see it

- Never open or answer any phone calls and messages if there from people you don't know

- Remember the saying " treat others the way you want to be treated ", be nice no one likes a cyber bully

- On public computers remember to log out of your account

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See for yourself how cyber bullying can effect a persons life

Click on the link to see how much cyber bullying can effect you