The Raft

by : s.A BODEEN

Chapters 1-4

Robie is in honolulu,Hawaii visiting her aunt aj and she goes to get her noise pierced. Robie lives on midway island with her parents who are scientists,but she comes to visit her aunt frequently. Aj and Robie a spectacular relationship and they're very close.unexpectedly,Aj gets called to work in L.A. and agrees to let Robie stay at her apartment alone. At first Robie is excited to be alone for the week but when she gets confronted by the strange man that calls her lucy and grabs her by the hair she doesn't want to stay in honolulu alone anyone. she decides to take the next supply flight back to midway island and her parents. The plain fly through storms and the ride is turbulent

chapters 5-12

Robie is now leaving honolulu, she is getting on the plane. Max is on the plane with robie, and mid way island. Then all of the sudden the engine start messing up and robie don't know what to do. So robie is watching the two pilots. Then robie saw the mask thing come down her face and then she had a raft vest and then they through her and max down into the ocean all alone with sharks

chapters 13-20

So now robie is stuck in the middle of the ocean with max. Robie has no water no food no nothing. She is cold and it's raining cloths getting wet. Max is in the raft sleep robie wanting him to wake up, she is scared she don't know what to do. She wanting max to wake up because she think he has a plan. A big wave came half of max body was in the raft and now robie struggling don't know what to do. She finds a pack of skittles.


robie now started finding things like survival at sea number one rule don't drink sea water. Do not smoke don't drink don't eat unless water available. Robie is now eating skittles without water. Max is talking to robie about how he played on the wrestling team and how it was christmas time for him. Then robie finds a coastal commander and find a flashlight and start going through max's bag and she finds the papers about the plane and his max name wasn't on there.


Robie and max are on the raft stuck in the middle of the ocean. Max is dead but robie think he is just sleeping. They both laying down and clouds start moving in on them. It start raining so robie start drinking rain water. She was hoping the wouldn't start because she wanted to have some water. Some of the water filled up the raft so she scooped some up for max. She see some birds so she think she is getting closer to midway but she was no way near it but she seen a lot of fish


Robie is now preparing for the rain. The next day she gonna be preparing for food she was determined to get food. Now she bringing max back up cause she don't like being alone. She have seen a seal who have been eaten. Now she was going through the emergency kit and her nose ring got caught in the zipper. She seen a foot in the water so she reached to grab it and she realized it was a dead body so she tried to push it and a wave came and thats when her nose ring got stuck.


Robie is still on the raft with no food or water. She see Starbuck then start talking to her. Robie seen a shadow in the water which was a shark. Robie is trying to hurry up to get to the other side of the island. So when she made it to the other side she got out the raft and fell straight to the sand breathing hard. Now the next morning Robie is trying to build a fire, but she can't find a lighter. She said "or lighting struck my pile".