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Weekly Campus and Principal Update

MyPISD Update

I received the following from our district tech dept. on Friday:

"Everyone should have noticed that performance was very, very much improved today! We will continue to work on things again this weekend.

The teachers should continue creating sites and pages. They should also be adding classes (students) to their pages. This gives access to the students and parents. The parents are very anxious to see those pages from the classes.

Note: Administration button continues to be slow. That is a very high priority and hope to have that corrected by Monday.

Data imports to the system - We do have 98% of the teachers, students and course sections showing up properly in the system.

Parents do have access from parent portal to the Parents are able to see the classes that the teachers have created. Parents can only see them if the teachers add the students to the pages. That is very important.

Students and parents are able to see grades.

Again...thank you for your patience as we get through this upgrade."

Here is a sample of what parents can already access via Parent Portal ~ these images are from my son's classes at Clark:

Open House Tonight

Our PTSA will hold their first general meeting tonight at 6:30 in the auditorium. You are encouraged to attend as members. It shows a strong sense of support for our parents to have you there.

Open House will be from 7:00 - 8:30. Professional Dress is expected. We will have a come and go format. You should have a sign in sheet available so that parents may request a conference with you. If a conversation with a parent feels like its becoming a conference, please ask that the parent schedule a meeting with you. New teachers, please visit with your mentor, team leader, or department head about what to expect. Some teachers prepare handouts about the class, tutorials, and resources for parent pick-up.

True Colors?

Now that the novelty of the new year transforms to the normal day to day, you may find student behaviors changing as they become more comfortable. Remember that consistency is the key to classroom management. If you're struggling, speak up! We have access to tools that can help. My favorite five: Firm, Fair, Flexible, Forgive, and Forget can go a long way to achieving the balance between compliance and relationships. Here are some suggestions you may find helpful:

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Congratulations to you, Joann...the new Mrs. Cook!

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