FBI Agent

Pepe McMonigle


FBI special agents investigate violations of U.S. laws and report their findings to the office of the attorney general.

They investigate crimes such as kidnapping, bank robbery, fraud, and sabotage.

Average Salary

An average FBI agent makes between $61,000 - $70,000 a year


- You must be a U.S. citizen

- You must be at least 23 years of age

- Must have 4 year degree from a college or University

- Must have at least three years of professional work experience

- Must qualify under one of five Special Agent Entry Programs.

These incude:

- Accounting

  • - Computer Science/Information Technology
  • - Language
  • - Law
  • - Diversified

    After you qualify for one of the five Entry Programs, you will need to have one or more Critical Skills.

    These include:

  • -Accounting
  • -Finance
  • -Computer Science/Information Technology Expertise
  • -Engineering Expertise
  • -Foreign Language(s) Proficiency
  • -Intelligence Experience
  • -Law Experience
  • -Law Enforcement/Investigative Experience
  • -Military Experience
  • -Physical Sciences Expertise
  • -Diversified Experience

  • You can go to any University with one or more of the Special Agent requirements.


    Many people think that FBI agents are in a lot of danger, but really it is not as dangerous as it sounds. Mainly FBI agents go to a crime seen after the crime has happened, so there is no more danger.