Camp Beyond

Go Beyond Yourself

Camp Description

we belive that every child counts and no matter how differnet you look , because god did not make no one perfect . but throught gods eyes everyone is equal so in our camp we want to show you that you matter, your voioce matter , what you feel matters. most important you matter .

ACTIVITIES: Camp activities will include: basketball, baseball, martial arts, dance, soccer, tennis, swimming and adaptive cycling. Participants will receive specialized attention from pediatric therapists in sports programs designed to challenge campers to increase their activity level, aerobic fitness, strength and balance in a safe, fun and rewarding atmosphere

Daily Shedule


2.getting ready group talking/art classs/ ect...

4.lunch time

5.nap time for kids 5 and under

other kids are to do extra activities

speacial features;

Information about camp;

Hours open : monday-friday 7:00-9:00

saturday-sunday 7:30-9:30

ages 5 and under $10.00

10 and up $15.00

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Never give up on yourslef before you start.

and dont worry you dont need to bring anything just get ready to find a new you.