Hercules- Tragic Hero

Allyah Haynes

Why is Hercules a tragic hero?

He is a tragic hero because he used his strength for good after he had killed all of his family, He killed all of his family because he didn't know how to control his strength but once he was able to control it, he used it only for good deeds. One of the good deeds he did with is strength was kill a man who tried to kidnap his second wife. He is a hero because he eventually only helped people but he also harmed people while he was trying to control it, making him a tragic hero.

Qualities of a tragic hero...

1) The tragic hero must have noble stature and greatness, and also must embody nobility.

2) They must not be completely perfect, and must have flawed is some way similar to us.

3) The downfall in the tragic hero's life is his fault, which contributes to his imperfections. The tragedy is caused normally by a lack of judgement.

4) His misfortune is not deserved but they are punished for the misfortune.

5) The tragedy is not all a lose because they earn something from it. They can earn awareness, self knowledge, or some kind of discovery.

6) The tragedy that takes place does not leave the audience depressed or sad.

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