Dwarf Plant Haumea

Written and edited by Allen Payne Jr

General information about Haumea!

Haumea is the third closest dwarf planet to the sun.Haumea is a celestial body that has it's own orbital path around the sun.Haumea has a sufficient mass for it's own gravity that it makes.

Haumea's physical appearance!

Haumea's fast rotation makes Haumea appear with a an elongated shape.Haumea is made out of rock,ice,and water.

Haumea's size to asteroids and comets!

The mass of haumea's is 4,000,000,000,billion kilograms bigger than a comet or an asteroids.

Interesting facts about Haumea!

Haumea's has two moons that are named Hi'iaka and Namaka.
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