The Tackle Box

"We been Reeling people in since 2015"

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location: Greenville, Alabama

Hours: Monday-Saturday 8am-11pm


Phone: 256-655-2015

Homemade lures

They come in diffrent color like black and silver, it also comes in a rainbow color and if you want to catch trout. Bass requires a diffirent lure that is much bigger then the E-3 that are used to catch trout, bass lures are bigger, like the E-6 and the E-9 that are made for bass. These lures are like fish but we also sell ones that come like frogs that hop across water and then they sink when you stop reeling. the best ones around are the ones that look like fish the, E-3's are the best sellers during the first couple months of fishing season. (E-3 are about 2 inches long and they sink as soon as you throw them in, E-6, E-9's are about 4-6 inches long depending on where you're fishing)

Homemade lures cost:

E-3: $7.56.99

E-6, E-9: $11.45.99

Fishing rods

The fishing pole's we have come in diffirent size's, like the ugly sticks come in 4 feet tall for small compacked places to fish like a creek. The tackle box perfers to use the 4 foot rods for trout fishing. We also have diffirent kinds of rods like cat masters they are normally used for cat fish because they fight for a long time and the hit really hard. We also sell deep sea fishing poles to catch sharks and sword fish, and any other big game fish. But we are just now starting to do something NEW that you trade in you old rod that may have a broken eye off of, this rod can be trade in for store credit so that our new rods like the ultra light, ugly sticks, cat masters, or are deep sea fishing poles. You can also trade in the broken or old rod in for cash.

Ultra lights: $50-$80

Ugly sticks:$49.99-$60

Cat masters:$40-$100

Deep see fishing pole: $50-$100

Miscelaneous fishing equipment

We also sell other miscelaneous items. These consist power bait for trout and power bait worms that are for trout. These are the best seller because the salmon peach is the best kind of power bait we have, other ones like marshmellow, garlic they are also are also very effective when catching trout. We have spiners and fishing line for our fishing poles. We sell chest waiters that you can walk in the creek to get to better holes where fish are. We sell tackle boxs that you can put your fishing tackle and power bait into. We also sell fishing licenses so that anyone 16 and older can fish legaly.