Edtech in the Middle

Gettin' Techy in Bayshore, Thompson & Thorne

--February- March -Issue #2--

Digital Learning Month

With Digital Learning Month underway here are some ways to get involved!

  • DLM Challenge- #MTPSpride is celebrating Digital Learning during the week of February 19th- February 23rd. Throughout the week pick different challenges to try. We will be tracking via Twitter for winners and recognition so me sure to use #MTPSpride #MTPLSLD2018 and your building hashtag. Check out the challenges here!
  • Quick Tip Tuesday- This month we will be launching Quick Tip Tuesday! Each Tuesday you will receive a quick and simple tip that you can use to enhance your instruction and challenge your students.
  • Teacher Spotlight- Each Friday you will receive a short video of your colleagues spotlighting an app or tool they use and how they use it! Give it a try the next week and let us know what you think on Twitter using your #DolphinPride #ThompsonMSpride #ThornePride

Digital Learning Day- February 22nd
  • A Day Without Paper- We challenge you to go fully paperless on February 22nd! Give it a try!
  • But How?
  1. Share out your resources via Google Classroom
  2. Transform a Worksheet into a PDF
  3. Use Google Docs, Forms, or Draw to create your own graphic organizers and handouts
  4. Use dry-erase markers on the desktops or cabinets
  5. Use slates and dry erase markers if available

This Month's Challenge! Join the New #MTPS Middle School Connection!

Join a Facebook Group exclusively for Middletown's Middle School Educators! This is a place for all #MTPSpride middle school teachers to connect their classrooms and share ideas with one another! If you are looking for someone to collaborate with, this is a great place to start! Please feel free to share and add other Middletown Middle School Teachers to the group.

--Tech Updates and Tools to Try--

App Smashing!

When you use multiple apps simultaneously or when you use them to create an ultimate final product, you are App Smashing. App Smashing is a powerful way to harness the digital talents of our students. Using Read and Writes text-to-speech tool along with an online annotator and curator called Scrible can help to create a more interactive and productive work space for your students. What a great way to help your students to use online close reading tools and increase their capacity for digital content and ultimately improve their comprehension skills. This is also a perfect example of how you can enhance their digital literacy skills!

Link to Scrible Website and Scrible Extension

Link to Read Write Website and Read Write Extension


HyperDoc describes a Google Doc or Slides that contains an interactive lesson for students. With one shortened link, students can access a lesson that contains instructions, links, tasks, and many clever ways to get kids thinking

Check out their amazing Facebook Group here

10 Internet Safety Tips for Students

Blogger Kathleen Morris shares:
  • Integration “Dos and Dont’s”
  • A toolkit of practical strategies
  • Applying real world experience for our students using tech integration

--Middle School Educational Technology Specialists--

Teacher Technology Integration Specialist

Thompson, Bayshore & Thorne- Christina Requa ( RequaC@middletownk12.org)

Student Technology Integration Specialists

Bayshore- Donna Strobel (strobeld@middletownk12.org)

Thompson - Lauren Velez (velezl@middletownk12.org)

Thorne - Dana Webster ( Websterd@middletownk12.org)