Weekly Notes

May 22-28

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Focus of the Week: Courtesy

Dianne is in Florida this week... she didn't take up my offer of supplementing her pay with free Jimmy John's subs to change her flight plans for next weekend. Please bear with me as I am in interviews a LOT this week. Since we have two positions going into next year, this is very important work that has to be done.

If you would like to take one for the team and offer to be in the office for one of the days (you would only have to be on call and would get an extra sub in your room), your colleagues and I thank you in advance. Let me know. Just look at the schedule below and see if there is a day that would work for you.

Monday, May 23

Maurus- Gen Ed and SPED interviews- PM

Tuesday, May 24


Gen Ed Interviews- All Day

Wednesday, May 25

Book It! Pizza Lunch

Admin Meeting- All Day

Thursday, May 26

**Down three monitors today** Please be understanding- I am coming back from interviews to run the cafeteria. I am also reaching out to parents and central office staff to help.**

Gen Ed Interviews- All Day

3rd Grade Wax Museum 9:15-10:00 and 2:00-2:45

4th Grade Meet the Band 10:30

Friday, May 27

All library books returned by today

Mr. Mills- Watch DOG

Student Placement Cards (See below for the schedule from Hrit's email)

PBIS Assembly 9:30

Maurus- Meeting in office 11:00

Sue and Martha's Retirement Party 4:30

**Happy Birthday, Beth- Sunday**

Last Week's Behavior Data

Administrative Interventions: 9

Alternatives to Suspension Used:

-Weeding the garden for the week during recess (with the person there was a problem with)

-Learn how to play the game that the students fought over

-Student talk with the parent and determine the appropriate consequence (principal approved)

-Return items in the lost and found to owners

-Clean the cafeteria

-Clean the hallways

ISS: 2

OSS: 0

Send Home: 0

Trends/Hot Spots: Physical aggression (it continues...)

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One of the things that I truly believe is that highly functioning teams must operate within a framework in order to ensure that the best work is done. Creating norms allows a team to know the things that have been agreed upon by the entire group and to go back to those norms whenever the functioning of the team is compromised.

I have noticed a pattern to conversations that I have had with many of you as we dive into conversations about changes for next year (which can affect us all in different ways, from excitement to anxiety). Mainly, they center around the following norms:

Respectful Dialogue and Tone

Every Voice Heard

Keep focus on Kids

Speak Your Truth

One of the biggest parts of my job is to listen, and listen, I do. Something that many of you have come to me about lately centers on frustration in being able to work together productively while adhering to the norms above.

We can't have the unattainable expectation that we agree at all times on all of the things that we do. Because of the nature of what we do, differing opinions are expected. Discussion of differing opinions is healthy and essential. I understand through talking to each of you and learning about your craft, there are many different backgrounds, experiences and schema that we have in one building. Add to that, different personalities, teaching areas and comfort levels with difficult conversations.

We did agree that when we disagree, we can stick to the norms above to help guide us from reacting with strong emotion, judgement and negativity. To further clarify this, I need to add the following:

Respectful Dialogue and Tone- BE OPEN TO IDEAS AND SEEK FIRST TO UNDERSTAND. When you are the only one talking, you are reinforcing your own opinion and mindset. Be aware of your body language and tone while interacting with each other- is it promoting collegiality or eroding it?

Every Voice Heard- If you are at the group conversation, please say something at the group conversation instead of in the parking lot later.

Keep focus on Kids- We are in the business of doing what is best for KIDS, and sometimes that means that it will not be easy or comfortable for adults.

Speak Your Truth- If we are talking about something and you have an opinion, please speak up instead of staying silent. Remember that silence implies agreement and if you do not agree, it is expected that you say so when the group is there.

Remember, your words, tone and discussions inside the lounge, in the parking lot and in the other parts of the building reverberate through the walls and into the ears and hearts of your coworkers.

It strikes me as a double standard when we hold our students to high expectations of DeBugging, which involves giving their feelings a voice so that others can hear how they are affecting them. We coach our kids and can become frustrated when they don't always DeBug.

How can we hold students to expectations to communicate with each other effectively if we don't always follow that ourselves?

Don't give lip service to wanting to exist and be a part of a professional environment- be the professional that cultivates that environment.

We must do this work together or we risk allowing the environment we work in to become fertile soil for seeds of resentment to take root.

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