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Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

Volume 1, Issue 1

ECHS Honored at STEM Awards Ceremony in Savannah, Georgia

East Coweta High School received the honor of being awarded one of the six BEST STEM high schools in the state of Georgia. In addition, the Technology Association of Georgia awarded our own Coweta County STEM Symposium for excellence in education-business partnerships. Several Coweta-based companies provide STEM internships to qualified seniors to East Coweta, Newnan, and Northgate High Schools. Businesses include Yamaha, Yokogawa, Kason Industries, Grezenbach, Newnan Utilities, Coweta Water Authority, Piedmont-Newnan Hospital, and the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

Representing CCSS: Dr. Donald White, Mr. Martin Pleyer, Dr. Steve Barker, Ms. Jodie Jackowiec, Mr. Evan Horton, Mrs. Stefanie Easterwood, Mrs. Martha Milam

What is Going On with STEM at ECHS?!

The Coweta STEM School Recognition Program for Teachers

The Coweta STEM School Recognition Program is open to ALL teachers. That means that YOU can become a STEM teacher! To qualify as a Coweta STEM Classroom, you must complete FIVE STEM-based lesson plans per school year. These can be any STEM lessons developed locally, downloaded from STEM internet sources, or completed in conjunction with a STEM program, field trip, or guest speaker. Once the five lessons, labs, or projects are completed, the teacher must submit an activity log that explains the five lessons, labs, or projects, including the following information:

· Name of lesson, lab, or project



·Standards/Common Core addressed (from your curriculum)

·Brief description of the lesson, lab, or project's STEM elements

·Number of students involved

·Outcome - What the students learned

This information should be provided on the Coweta STEM Activity Log. The form can be downloaded here: http://tinyurl.com/pbaxqjp and can be submitted to Evan Horton.


Defined STEM is an awesome website that will introduce you to the concept of STEM for YOUR classroom.

Username: Coweta

Password: Coweta

Georgia Department of Education State STEM Program Certification for ECHS

East Coweta High School is in the process of earning STEM Program Certification through the Georgia Department of Education. We have several ongoing activities that are part of our "STEM Program". They include the following: STEM Academy (formerly known as the Math & Science Academy), BYOT, Math Team, Science Olympiad Team, Academic Bowl, Science Fair, STEM Internship Program, Environmental Club, and our advanced and AP courses. The newest facet of the program will be a project-based learning opportunity for all the students enrolled in our STEM Academy. This will be a cross-curricular project that will incorporate all of our departments. The "STEM Project" will be one of the final steps we need to implement in order to qualify for the STEM Program Certification.

Students Learn Technical Writing in Kristin Price's English Classroom

Student Interviews by Drew Roberts

12th Grade Student Drew Roberts, a famous ECHOStager and aspiring journalist, has interviewed some of his ECHS classmates.

He posed the following QUESTION: What does "STEM" mean?

Courtney: "Science and technology and enineering and math"

Elizabeth: "I Don't Know"

Alicia: "Haven't heard of STEM. Something to do with science??"

Tyler: IDK
Hunter: "Science Technology, Engineering, Mathematics"

Drew is now working on his next assignment: "What STEM activities are available to students at East Coweta HS?"

Digital Storytelling: A PowerPoint on Quick, Easy Methods for Your Students

MICKI BYRNES does an amazing job at implementing technology in the classroom! For our Technology Professional Learning Group, she presented a wealth of information on how to produce digital stories using websites such as ToonDo, BitStrips, PowToon, and more. If you saw an "Elf Yourself" video over the holidays, then you have an idea of what digital storytelling is.

Click on the link to see the Power Digital Storytelling PowerPoint:


BYOT: Plant Project for Mr. Sewell's AP Biology Class


Check out this cool video produced by AP Biology students - Great Learning Technique!

Animoto Videos by Zoology Students in Mrs. Nolan's Class

http://animoto.com/play/R6qHfehYl0mhbQ2xHKnfMg (The Snow Fox)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fK9U6o_Vgps (Learning About The Pomeranian)

Screenshots of the Videos are shown below:

A Link to the STEM resources you may need


Open this folder to see the original resources from Dr. Donald White for all information, forms, and power points that describe STEM in detail. Dr. Donald White (Central Office, pictured in Savannah event) is our Science Coordinator for CCSS. He is also integral to our BYOT program.

Send Us Your Photos, Videos and More!

We would like to publish photos (student work, ideas,...) from YOUR classroom while you implement STEM. Many activities can be part of a a STEM lesson: Writing or reading about science, engineers, architectural structures, weapons, health, artistic media, materials, medicine, athletic or military technology. Also consider BYOT, graphing, building, measuring, and more. You do NOT need to be conducting calculations or lab experiments in order to have a STEM lesson!