Wildcat Chat

MCE Staff Newsletter Dec. 10, 2015

Counselor's Corner

Please remind your students to work for their Wildcat Club and towards their academic goal for the HOPE Assembly. This will happen quickly because we will have the assembly the Friday we come back.

Let's Talk Curriculum!

  • Thank you for working hard at our Staff Meeting! Enjoyed your thoughtful conversations about CSIP and your hard work looking at your data.

  • The Common Assessment Spreadsheets will be on-going. As new information is entered into GradeCam I will update the spreadsheets.

  • Student Cards: You will have time to complete these next week during PLC’s. We are going to use these the remainder of the year as we look to reduce our novice population and move our other students forward. Each and every student is important!

  • Please read over the Feedback article before PLCs next week.

  • You are doing so many wonderful things! Keep it up.

Upcoming Common Assessments:

12/15 1st Grade Math Unit #5

12/16 2nd Grade Math Unit #3

12/17 2nd/3rd/4th/5th ELA

12/17 K Math Unit #3b

Calendar Context

Monday, Dec. 14

Speech ARC Ms. Jones

Speech ARC Mr.Gregg

Speech ARC Mrs. Switzer

Speech ARC Mrs. Keith

Speech ARC Mrs Crupper

Speech ARC Ms. Reeves

Wednesday, Dec. 16


Thursday, Dec. 17

American Fidelity Rep Visits MCE

MCE Christmas Celebration 5:30-7:00pm

Dec. 21-Jan. 3 No School

Jan. 4 Teacher Contract Day

Jan. 5 Students Return to School

We have lots of fun Christmas festivities planned! Please see Mrs. Hurley's email from earlier this week for details.

Principal's Point

This upcoming week will be a mixture of holiday fun and wrap-up-the-instructional-unit assessments as we head into the Christmas break. It's tough to believe that we are almost half way through the school year. Our students are growing...but there is so much yet to happen.

Lots of data analysis and novice reduction conversations taking place at MCE. I know it's hard to look at the numbers...especially when the story they tell is not a happy one. Use that "oh drat!" reaction to focus on next steps. Which student was almost at the next performance level? Which standard/question seemed to be the one that the class struggled with the most? Use that information to plan your RTI groups, your Morning Work or your mini-lesson. You all are such hard workers. We want to be more and more effective about our work...How can we customize to get'em what they need? You are making it happen and our data reflects that adjustment.

Next week as we enjoy BBQ and breakfast goodies, donate items to nursing homes and animal shelters, enjoy a school musical and fire up Grade Cam, know that you make a difference for our kids and the work that you are doing matters.

Enjoy your weekend and thanks for all you do.