Mardi Gras Game Presents!

When's the TailGate!

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When's The TailGate

Saturday, Dec. 5th, 9am-5pm

202 Lanier Drive

Statesboro, GA

Mardi Gras Game motto is "everyday is a celebration" and when you don't have it to spend, you still have to celebrate life itself. Yall will see beads every where that day and thats to show everyone, you dont have to buy expensive jewerly and clothes to look good!!! So bring your beads and we cater to the masses, so if you like good food and music we want you there!!!

All Day Tailgate!!!

If you are going to be in Statesboro,Ga Dec.5. I would like to invite you to spend the day with Mardi Gras Game, and if you didn't plan on being there; You should now!!! Its going to be a good time and Yes its all FREE!!!! Food Drinks Good Music and just a good vibe!!! Oh yeah and Plenty of Beads!!!