The Kindergarten Chronical

Rachel & Billi's Class May 2016


Where did the year go????? There's no doubt that May typically is one of our busiest times of the year and this year is no exception. We are wrapping up projects, putting our talents together, preparing for our service project and still learning new things everyday! We truly appreciate all your support this year. Your kids have taught us so much and we feel very lucky to have gotten to know each of them this year. They have left a lasting impression on our hearts. Thank you for sharing them with us. We hope you all get the rest, relaxation and adventures you need over the summer.

Dates to remember:

May 6th: Olympic day

7th: Service learning day

13th: Library book due

17th: Talent show 12:00-1:00 in the Gym

19th & 20th: Kinder-Collectibles

23rd: TCS spirit day (wear your favorite TCS gear)

24th: Pajama day (yes that's right let your kids wear their favorite pajamas to school)

26th: Last day :( Noon Dismissal (no discovery)


If you haven't gotten the chance to ask your child 'What time is it?' you might be surprised to see that they are getting really good at reading an analog clock! So no more tricking them into an early bed time (not that we would ever do that anyways)! We've been practicing telling time on the hour, half hour and quarter hour and even some of us are getting it down to the minute! This month in our daily calendar routine we have also introduced coins and adding small amounts. This get's us prepared to work in our store for kinder-collectibles in a few weeks! Each morning we will have cash registers and a 'mock-store' set up for the children to practice taking money, and giving change to customers. Learning about money is always a fun relatable unit the kids get really into. If your children have a piggy-bank at home, or earn an allowance, now is a great time to have them practice adding up what they have earned/saved.

Here are some other topics we've been exploring in math and will continue through the next few weeks...

  • non-standard measurement (using unifix cubes, string, hand spans, paces)
  • comparing describing lengths and weights (heavier, lighter, shorter, taller, tallest, etc.)
  • using greater than less than comparatively with pictures
  • number bonds/ combinations that add up to 20
  • determining hundreds, tens and ones in 3 digit numbers

Social Studies

We have had a lot going on in social studies and will continue these themes through the end of the year. This past month we have introduced wants and needs and saving and spending. The children worked together to create two charts representing what we needed in our lives "water, food shelter, air". We also discussed how some of us have different needs, some of us need glasses to see, or medicine to keep us healthy or a service pet to help us get around. Our service project, kinder-collectibles, is a great way to put all of these discussions into action. The children will be learning work ethic, by making products to sell in our store. Our latest discussion has been surrounding the idea of rights and responsibilities. 'Citizen' and 'Volunteer' are two new vocabulary words that have come up in our discussion. "What is our job as citizens? Why do people volunteer? " Because we have learned so much about endangered animals this year we are really excited to be donating our proceeds of kinder-collectibles to 'Save The Rhino'.


  • Kinder-Collectibles is May 19th and 20th from 9:30-11:30. The children will be running the store that is open to all of TCS.
  • Each family is being asked to donate 1 or 2 dozen baked good items to sell in our store. These can be brought in on Wednesday the 18th. Items will be sold individually so please bag/ package them separately (Ideas include: trail mix, banana bread, caramel popcorn, muffins, fruit tarts and of course the cookies and brownies always sell quickly)
  • Items from home (toys, books, games ect.) that your children want to donate to be sold can be brought in at any time from now until the 18th.

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