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Orcas are known to have caused havoc in the oceans by catching and eating prey. Orcas eat many different types of prey ranging from stingrays to even great white sharks. Their size determines what they eat. Smaller orcas eat smaller meals and bigger ones eat bigger meals. Let us take a look at what they eat. Seals and penguins are the most common type of prey for the orca. Penguins are found where orcas are usually found, in the icy waters of Antarctica. As for the seals, they are found in the more coastal waters. Orcas have a harder time getting to them. Orcas can eat some crazy stuff too. Some orcas have been known to eat great white sharks. After the first record this put orcas as the top predator. Some orcas can eat stingrays. Whatever they eat orcas will continue to be the top predator.

Ways of Attack

Orcas can use many forms of attack. Some can be deadly, and some can be scary. It can even be scary for the orcas too. When orcas attack it is usually to protect young or catch prey.  Let’s see how orcas catch prey.  One of the most famous styles of attack is beaching.  This involves orcas throwing themselves onto the beach to catch seals. This makes the seals unprepared and they cannot go back in the water, making the seal unable to escape.  Another form of attack is when an orca bursts out of the water with a seal in its mouth.  Then there is a plain attack of just going at it with all it has got. These are some methods of attack for the orca. There are of course many more but for now these are the main ones.


Orcas have many features. Some can be normal and some can be straight up weird. Some can be on the body, and some can help find prey. Some features include these examples of orcas' features.  The dorsal fin of a male orca can grow to be 5 feet tall! And did you know that the grayish brownish spot on the killer whales back is called the saddle? Probably the most striking feature on the killer whale is its color. The black and white color makes good camouflage in the ocean.  The white under belly for the surface and the black back for the deep ocean. These are some of the killer whales main features.


Here are some fun facts about killer whales. Did you know that killer whales are the largest member of the dolphin family? They are called the killer whale because they are a type of toothed dolphin, and the size supports the whale part. Orcas can live in oceans all over the world.  This means you can find them  anywhere. Killer whales are mostly found in Antarctica. Killer whales use echolocation just like bats and dolphins. These are some fun facts about killer whales.  


                Now that you know about orcas I can tell you that they are sadly they are being hunted for fat and blubber. That is what keeps them warm in the icy waters. if they continue to be hunted, they can become extinct. That means to be gone forever. For now they are endangered. Luckily for us, wildlife parks have been helping orcas get back on track. SeaWorld and other ocean parks have been keeping orcas in captivity for their safety. You can do something to help save the orcas, but for now leave the whale saving to the experts.


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