Curriculum Connections

News from Ms. Welch, Curriculum Support Teacher

Weeks of Feb. 6 - 16

Upcoming Dates:

Feb. 17 - School HOLIDAY

Feb. 20 - School HOLIDAY

Feb. 21 - SGC Mtg @7:15am

Feb. 21 - PSCs due to Welch

Feb. 21 - PLC

Feb. 22 - CORE Team

Feb. 22-24 - Fox in the Box Program 3-5

Feb. 22 - PAWS PD Classroom Managment Session @2:45 in Zarzor's classroom

Feb. 23 - PSCs go home in yellow folders

Feb. 23 - Matt McKee 6pm

Feb. 23 - Leadership meeting

Feb. 25 - Snowflakes and Hotcakes 8:00am

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Huge Map Visits NPE!

Thank you, Kati Searcy! Kati arranged for our school to have a huge GA map!

The Georgia Giant Travelling Map will be here at NPES for February 8-10. The map is 16 x 20 and students (without shoes) can walk all over it. There are number of resources coming with the map, including laminates of Georgia landscapes, handheld Georgia whiteboards, traffic cones, yellow flexible chain, colored lanyards, and other miscellaneous items. The reason for all of these extra items ... there are some great activities that are already organized for you to lead your class in...


Map Orientation

Demonstrate the Fall Line

City Relay

City Coordinates

River Delivery

Places in Georgia

Latitute and Longitude

The map and supplies will be in the PLC room next week Wed - Fri. If you would like to take your class, please sign up at Plan on up to 45 minutes with your class. When you are finished, please return and organize all materials are you found them. Only one rule: no shoes (barefoot or socks only). The map will also be available for those who just want to have their kids see/walk on before 8:00 a.m. and after 1:50 each day each of the three days.

Ask if you have questions ... Kati

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It's time for Progress Skills Checklists

Progress Skills Checklists are ready! Please note that since October, Fulton Connect has been through an upgrade. While the process is the same, the screens for teachers look different. The video tutorial as well as the step-by-step directions have been updated to reflect the upgrade. Both of these are available on the Progress Skills Checklist website. Check your email for the links/resources.


Feb. 6-10

Grade Level Teams get together to determine a template for standards taught so far this year and subject area teachers load rubrics with template.

Feb. 13-17

Reading, Math, and Science teachers load rubrics with template and make changes to individual students

LA, Soc. St, and homeroom teachers go in to make changes to individual students as needed.

Feb. 21

Homeroom teachers create the PDF and submit to WELCH for review. Send via email or print your set.

Feb. 22-23

Welch Reviews and works with teachers to make any edit

Feb. 24

PSCs go home with students in Thursday papers/folders

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February PAWS PD

We are looking for more PD presenters for February! Please email Heather with your ideas! See catalog link below for this week's session!
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Keep Your Heads Up!

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Reminder about Visitors

Please help us with security by notifying the front desk in advance if ANYONE is expected to visit your classroom.
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Updated BYOD Policy

An updated Bring Your Own Device Policy will go home with students on Thursday. Ensure that you collect all of these from students and turn them in to the office. We will keep them on file.
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If you attended our recent Yoga PD you'll remember that we started of with some calm breathing using an app. I found another app that helps calm. It's called "Calm" and its free. Check it out.
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