Supporting LEP Students

Literature Review Cheat sheet

Administration Support

  • Support parents of LEP students to fully participate in education process

  • Ensure staff is adequately trained and qualified

  • Avoid segregated educational programs

  • Avoid overrepresentation in special education programs

Curriculum and Teaching Methodology

  • Should be Culturally Responsive

  • Include Technology, Cooperative Learning, Instructional Conversations, Cognitively-Guided Instruction, and SIOP’s “Observation Protocol”

Rules, Policies, and Regulations

  • Civil Rights Act of 1964, and NCLB have played huge role in working to close the achievement gap.

School Culture and Climate

  • High expectations

  • Welcoming cultural diversity

  • Supports parents

  • Supportive classroom climate

Media center/ library resources

  • Student orientation

  • Build relationship and comfort with media specialist

  • Resources for students and community

  • Hold community events