Coldspring Baseball

Because Ballin' is a Habit

Dropping Bombs and Taking Names

Last year's Coldspring baseball team battled throughout the season to make it to playoffs. Though the team lost out in the first round, they fought hard and represented Coldspring well. The team had a rough start to the season, but they finished strong in the face of adveristy.

Its What We Do...

The coldspring baseball team has a goal to improve their game every day. Ultimately they strive to win.

Head Coach: Mark Sewell, Assistant Coach: Tre Allen

"We are going to be young, and... feisty!"

-Coach Allen

Life is like a baseball game, when you think a fastball is coming, you have to be ready to hit the curve.

Baseball is life...

Baseball will be kicking off quickly beginning the first of February. The boys will be working hard at practice or games 5 days a week and leaving it all out on the field.

Working with the guys...

The baseball team is not only talented, but they are also well rounded individuals. It was great to get to work with them.