Mrs. Harrison's 2nd Grade Class

Rainbow Gymnastics School and Daycare (Week of 12/21/15)

Christmas Party!

This week we will be having our Christmas party, and I'm so excited, but so sad because when we come back from this 17 day break, it will be a whole new semester. I'm also in tears because 2 of our students, Gabby and Adriana have left us. We all wish them the best of luck in their new schools, and states. We are going to need lots of food, entertainment and help to pull this off! I have volunteer spots, so if you would like to help, contact me at Thank you all and happy holidays!

Attached is all the foods and students assigned to bring them, if you cannot bring them, please contact me ASAP so I can make sure we have enough for everyone. If you do bring something, please bring enough for 30 students. We do not want anyone to feel left out, not getting their favorite chips, cookies, cakes, etc. I will provide plates, cups, napkins, forks, spoons, and decorations. Please, the future of this party lies in your hands. Lets make this a success! Thanks, Mrs. Harrison

Party time: 8:00-12:00


  1. Lakeshia Ponton
  2. Mariette Touchette
  3. Jacqueline Leick
  4. Barbra Cristobal
  5. Whitley Lennon
  6. Sandra Wimberly
  7. Julienne Revelle
  8. Dionne Bobo
  9. Lorriane Sampsel
  10. Zita Carnahan
  11. Chan Lane
  12. Quinton Burton
  13. Maryam Strahan
  14. Scot Mcquillan
  15. Glenda Heffron
  16. Dorthea Viveiros
  17. Shemika Jost
  18. Agueda Sandford
  19. Annabelle Villar
  20. Dollie Falzone
  21. Tisha Livesay
  22. Cindi Horvath
  23. Lonnie Somma
  24. Tommy Schaefer
  25. Adrian Gillette
  26. Arielle Parkins
  27. Berneice Ting
  28. Cherlyn Boland
  29. Drema Beckman
  30. Miles Lorch

Newsletter: Week of December 21

Hoo-ray For Learning

Rainbow Gymnastics School and Daycare

Week of June 18th

Inside Mrs. Jordyn’s Class. . .

We will be learning:

Math- Faceing Math

Language Arts- Christmas Story

Spelling- none this week!

Social Studies- Christmas: ATW

Science- none this week!

Gymnastics- ACTIVE PLAY


Please check your child’s take home folder nightly.

Sign or initial your child’s planner to indicate they have completed all their assigned work and are ready for the next school day.

Initial or sign the conduct calendar on Friday – I will check for signatures on Monday morning.

Please check my website for upcoming events, such as our christmas party on friday (half day)

Christmas Party: Please go to

Star Student of The Week: George Hamilton
Weekly Newsletter

Also, there are a few files, you may need to get through the year. Mrs. Harrison may make reference to this link.

Star Student of the Week: George Hamilton

About Mrs. Harrison

About Me

My Name is Jordyn Harrison. I am a certified Preschool Teacher and I have an early degree in teaching Gymnastics. My classroom is owl themed and I do my best to make learning fun. My vision For Rainbow Gymnastics School and Daycare is to make sure preschoolers learn well at an early age and because they tend to be easily distracted, I try to make school a balance of learning and fun. I don’t like to yell but, occasionally I discipline. Discipline is a form of character. Here is a list of things that go on in the classroom as far as discipline. Thanks!