American teens Lie, Cheat ,Steal

Chuck Colson, Breakpoint Smore created by Ja'Mia Hutton

important quotes

An important quote from the article is where the author states that "results paint a troubling picture of our future politicians and parents, cops and corporate executives, and journalists and generals." This quote is important because, it is saying that these teens are our future so if their acting like this now what are the gonna be like when they become generals and executives?

Another important quote form this article is where the author says," 2008 Report card on the Ethics of American youth." It is important it was telling you what teens did in 2008.

Important vocabulary words

Ethics- The Authors chose this word because it shows the principles the students

Contemporary- The author chose this word because its all happening at the same time

Contrary-The Author chose this word because to make students confused about what the words mean.

Moral-The author chose this word so portray the good or bad in the persons character

Main idea of Article

The main idea of this article is that the author is trying to portray that teens of America today are getting out of hand by stealing, cheating and lying and they are our future.

Author's Purpose

The author's purpose is to inform the public about our teens and what they are doing.