Peter the Great

George Kalosieh

Peter's Personality

Peter the great was an absolute monarch that ruled with unlimited authority. Peter the Great was also a very curious guy. He traveled the world to try and learn new things because he was not well educated. Peter the Great forced everyone to do whatever he told them to do. He was very forceful. Also Peter was very determined and learn new things.

Peter's Accomplishments

Peter had many accomplishments during his rule. One of them being, strengthening the military, expanding Russian borders, and centralized royal powers. Peter also imported Western technology, improved education, simplified the Russian alphabet, and also set up many academies for math, science, and engineering. Peter also improved many different waterways and canals, he also developed mining and textile manufacturing, and also backed new trading companies.

Peter's Policies

One of Peter the Great's policies was that all boyars shave their beards, another policy was that they replace all of the old-fashioned robes with Western-style clothes. Peter also demanded that he have a warm water port that would be free from ice all year long.His most well known policy was to expand the Russian territory and expand the Russian borders.

Fun Facts

  • Peter the Great loved stout beers. He couldn't take any back with him to Russia from England without it spoiling. To solve this problem, London brewers added more hops and alcohol to their stout beers. This created a new drink called the Russian Imperial Stout.
  • Peter the Great's wife had a lover. When Peter found out that Catherine had a lover, he had the man beheaded. He forced Catherine to keep the man's head in a jar of alcohol in her bedroom, until Peter died in 1725.
  • Peter the Great's oldest son, Czarevich Alexei, was accused by high treason by Peter. In 1718, his son was secretly executed.