This is Me!

Fact Sheet on a Student with Blind and Low Vision

Hi! I'm George and I am 10 years old. I have low vision as a result of Retinopathy of Prematurity (low vision since birth). Here is what it means to have low vision:

The Ontario Ministry of Education defines blind and low vision as "a condition of partial or total impairment of sight or vision that even with correction affects educational performance adversely. " Futhermore, PPM 76C sets out criteria for "the approval of an alternate education program for blind pupils who are "educationally blind, with a need to use Braille and other tactile formats as other prime educational media."

Here are some of my strengths:

  • I am an avid reader. With access to scanning and reading software as well as braille embossers, the sky's the limit! I love the Harry Potter series as well as informational books about natural disasters!
  • I am strong in mathematics. I really enjoy problem solving, especially with the use of manipulatives.
  • I am very proficient in oral language and love to participate in lively discussions and recount interesting narratives. I enjoy using speech to text software to "tell" and share my stories during creative writing.
  • I like to create beautiful artwork with strong colours. I love music too -especially classical!

Here's what you need to know to help me succeed in your classroom:

Assistive Technology

AT is specialize technology (hardware and software) used by people with disabilities to adapt specific tasks. AT allows students in a classroom to participate in learning activities that might otherwise have been difficult without the accommodations. AT helps provide greater access to information and supports positive interactions for everyone.

Alternative Control

This includes access to alternative keyboards including on-screen keyboards. Voice recogntion software, portable computers and alternative mouse systems all help control my computer and make accessing this technology easier.

Alternative Diplay

There are various ways to help me access information in the classroom. This can include a braille embosser to print hard copies of text, scanning and reading software, screen magnifiers and talking browsers. Using these devices helps me access the same information as my classmates but in a way that fits my needs.

Augmentative Processing

These are tools that help me accomplish a task in a quicker more efficient performance time. They include animated signing characters, grammatical support tools, mind mapping tools and text to speech software. I love my text to speech software as it allows me to share with you and my classmates my creative writing!

Blind and Low Vision: Now you know!

I can't wait to join your class and look forward to us learning together. For more information on low vision and assistive technology and accommodations, please visit: