Literacy Coaching!

Let's Work Together

Dear Teachers,

As your literacy coach, I am excited to partner with each of you this year in a coaching cycle! To provide you a more advanced choice for when we might work together, I've broken the remainder of the year into "rounds."

  • Round 1 -> October 23rd - December 7th
  • Round 2 -> January 8th - February 15th
  • Round 3 -> February 19th - March 21st

What Does a Coaching Cycle Include?

As a quick overview, the main components of a coaching cycle include:

  • 5-6 weeks duration
  • focused on a rigorous goal YOU have for helping your students grow
  • one weekly co-planning session
  • 1-3 classroom coaching sessions
  • collaborative communication via email, shared documents, &/or text messages

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a lot going on. Is this going to feel like one more thing added to my plate?

Definitely not! Coaching cycles are about working together and having a thinking partner to support you in planning, teaching, and working towards a goal that is meaningful for you.

I'd love to work in a coaching cycle with my team! Is this something we could do?

Absolutely! Working with groups of teachers in a coaching cycle is a great way to support collaboration, try out peer observation, and work strategically toward a common goal.

Sounds Great! Sign Me Up!

As you can see, the first round kicks off right after fall break. If you are interested, please email me so we can meet and set up a time to get started.

And if you'd prefer another upcoming round, I'd be happy to know that as well.