Where is Middle-Earth?



The languages in Europe are mainly English, German, French, Danish dutch, Ect.

The landscape in Europe is Green, Hilly (has hills), and has Mountains

The culture in Europe is different from its neighboring countries. In Europe most of the people are different based on their cultures.

How would Europe make a good Middle-earth?

Europe would make a good middle-earth because it has the wide landscape for many of the kingdoms like the shire. Here is a link to a website that i found that will convince you that Europe is Middle-earth --- http://lotr.wikia.com/wiki/Europe

Here are some pictures of Europe


To conclude my argument about Europe being Middle earth i will start off with one fact that i have said many times, Europe looks a lot like Middle earth. In Mi9ddle earth the dwarves and the other kingdoms (characters) have a lot of the same languages and cultures as Europe.

Counter claims

I kind of agree with J.R.R. Tolkien's claim that Middle-earth is New Zealand, but i do believe that Europe is more accurate because of the hills and mountains that just make the look more real.
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