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My Paragraphs

About Me#1

My name is Gabriel Arellano. My favorite color is baby blue. My favorite food is pizza and salad. My favorite song is from Big Sean. I can't say the name because it has a curse word.

About Me#2

I like to go outside and shoot. I also like to play my Xbox. My favorite games are Madden25 and Nba2K14. My favorite chips are Munchies.

About Me#3

I don't believe in Santa, Tooth Fairy, or the Easter Bunny. My middle name is Eugene. I think that's how you spell it. I hate fake people.

Facts about me

10 Facts About Me!!

1.) I have 2 sisters.

2.) My best friend is Demetrio.

3.) I really like pizza.

4.) Basketball and Baseball are my favorite sports.

5.) I don't like football that much.

6.) I wanna go to college.

7.) I like to sing.

8.) Onions are the worst!!

9.) I wanna be the kid who people will remember.

10.) I've had a lot of girlfriends.

My Bio

Gabriel Arellano

Tuesday, Sep. 18th 2001 at 11:15am

Liberal, KS, United States

Liberal, KS

This is when and where I was born.