Module 7 - Assessories and Tools

By: Connie C.

Safety Precautions

To protect my iPad I use the pass code protection.


The one setting that I found this week is the app usage. This was new to me and I found it informative.
The other setting I found this week was the ability to move my photos and videos to the cloud to free up the available storage on my iPad.


I am interested in a Smart cover for my iPad. I currently have a soft cover and like the magnetic feature. However I would like better protection at school so the smart cover would work best for my needs.
I am interested in the external keyboard. I would like to have the students have the option of the touch keyboard or an external keyboard.
I am also interested in the AirServer. It would be beneficial and convenient to have as an option on the Ipad. It is relatively in expensive.

Tip or Trick

The sleep option is an easier way to use the iPad than shutting it down daily.