Never Lost (TM)

Mobile Pet Tracking System

It's Genius! Such a Cool Way of Using Mobile Technology to Track Your Pets.

For Pet Owners: A high tech, convenient and fun way to make sure your pet never gets lost.

For Pet Shops & Shelters: An extremely powerful tool that allows people to find out more about each animal in your care, take that information with them and even purchase the animal or donate to your shelter from the convenience of their mobile phone.

To see our system in action on Your Mobile Phone (IPhone or Android) visit...

Scan this QR code with your smart phone and see our technology in action!


  • Custom QR Code
  • Click to Call
  • Click to Email
  • Click to SMS
  • Mobile Picture Galleries
  • Contact Form
  • Video
  • Buy Now or Donate Buttons (PayPal & Google Checkout)
  • Mobile Maps
  • One-Click Social Sharing

Why does my pet shop or shelter need Never Lost Pet IDs?

Never Lost Pet IDs are like having a brochure for each pet in your care. An extremely convenient way for people interested in the animals in your care to take information with them specifically about the animals they are interested in possibly adopting.

  • Easy Social Sharing features let people show their friends pets they want to adopt
  • Video and picture galleries enable people to get to know the animals better
  • QR codes and short urls for each animal let people take info with them on their mobile devices
  • Buy and Donate Now buttons enable people to adopt pets right from their phones wherever and whenever they want

Just $49.95 Per ID from NOW UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!

Each NEVER LOST PET ID comes with a handsome, waterproof, burnished silver pet tag. Several fabulous designs to choose from...

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Fun and useful Christmas or Birthday gift

Never Lost (TM) Pet IDs are a division of All Play Media, Inc.

Your Never Lost Representative is Dave Naranjo