McDougle 3-5 Coach Connection

December 2014 - Rosemary Campbell

Gift Giving Time of the Year- Free Things For Teachers!

The Fall, 2014 NEA issue (p.69) list 10 Free Things for teachers. Here are 3 from the list of 10. My gift to you.

Teacher Treat

Thanks to Mrs. Delia Hudson who made me aware of this freee online site. You can find lots and lots of reading passages by grade level, lexile, nonfiction, or fiction genre with questions to go along with the passage. Take a look and enjoy.
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Eleanora Tate Ms. Tate taught children’s literature at North Carolina Central University, Durham, NC.
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Rigorous Vocabulary Instruction

Check out this exciting site about Semantic Gradients. Scroll down to the middle of the page and watch it in action.

Can More Exercise Help Close the Achievement Gap?

When Michele Tine, a researcher at Dartmouth College, saw a 2012 study showing the academic benefits of aerobic exercise for low-income students in elementary schools, she decided to extend a similar experiment with college-age students. Her study measured students' selective visual attention (SVA), or the ability to concentrate on visual targets, which most expert say is key to learning. Tine had students take SVA tests before and after exercising for 12 minutes. In her paper published in Frontiers in Psychology, Tine described how the small amount of aerobic exercise increased attention and reading comprehension for all students, but the effect was especially strong for low-income students. While the pre-test indicated that low-income students lagged behind high-income students in SVA, their scores improved so much after exercise that the gap was effectively erased. (NEA Today, Fall 2014)

Ask the MES 5th grade about their Walking Classroom

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Moving on Down the Highway

Thank you all for a wonderful 3 years at McDougle Elementary. It has been an awesome place to end my career in teaching. I have learned so much from all of the teachers, administrators, and students I have served over the 38.5 years in Virginia and North Carolina. As I Move on Down the Highway to new adventures I will cherish all the experiences I have had with you. Now it is time to Take It Easy and read on the beach. Retirement here I come! Love to you all. Rosemary
Take it easy-Eagles with lyrics