Maycomb and Scottsboro Uproar

Rape and Racism

Understanding the Proposition

Racism has played a tremendous part in history, ever since the start of time. The color of your skin determined many things. Such as social status, job opportunities, living conditions, etc.... Numerous inhumane events, such as the Holocaust, have happened throughout history due to racism. Racism isn't just perceived as genocides and killings, but false accusations of a crime. This is where Tom Robinson and the Scottsboro boys play a part.

How it happened and the two trails

There are several distinct difference between the group of boys and Tom Robinson. The boys had no relationship with the women, while Tom had acknowledged her before the apparent "raping" took place. Another difference between the two is Tom's case had a true suspect, and is was the victims father, while on the other hand the group of boys did not commit the crime. A difference that stand out from the others is that Tom was shot and killed, while the 9 were sentenced free, and one escaped unscathed.