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We have been busy at the Inspire Foundation working around the clock to make sure the campaign gets the recognition it deserves to light the fire and keep the mission going. Take a look at the media attention we have received and please share with others so we can all make a difference in the lives of these students.


The history, the present and the future is all covered in this article...

"Becky [Inspire's New Principal] was one of the founding teachers of Inspire. Now, she turned around and found herself in the middle of a pandemic. Fortunately she is armed with a pair of truths she knew for certain. First and foremost, Inspire teaches their students to be flexible, fearless, and competent problem solvers. They also are trained to be creative and innovative, leaving Becky with a vision of this unprecedented event unfolding as nothing more than an opportunity for her students to shine by coming up with real results and solutions to help manage the mayhem. Inspire is a noun when referencing the name of the school but actually serves as the right verb when pointing to its diverse educational approach. Becky suggests that true inspiration stems from knowing “students need not be compliant, nor afraid to fail.” All of this represents the beginning of a story, not only how but why the need exists to support and invest in a better world, a better community, for Inspire School of Arts and Sciences." - Upgraded Living, May, 2020

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ARTICLE IN THE ENTERPRISE RECORD: Inspire launching fundraising campaign for new school

CHICO - May 14, 2020

"The Build A School They Deserve Campaign starts with the goal of raising $200,000 in 200 days with community support. Local businesses can use marketing opportunities for donating directly, matching donations or creating a fundraising team. In addition, Butte County residents can donate directly or create a team through the website at

We realize the timing is not perfect on this,” [Becky] Brown said. “But one of the things Inspire does so well is to educate students to be resilient, adaptable, empathetic — exactly the kind of citizen that is capable of moving into this new world that we’re confronting successfully.” She said she hopes local businesses will offer their support in recognizing the effects the school has had on the community, including through its technical education programs.

“The North State is no stranger to crisis and uncertainty, but our experiences have made us stronger, more resilient, and more motivated to press forward,” Inspire Foundation’s Development Director, Celeste Cramer, said in the news release."


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