Why clear the homes of our earths creatures?

Whats Deforestation?

When people clear forests, or cut down trees and plants, its called deforestation. The reason for clearing out all the plants is for building homes and places for humans to work and live, for farming or just for the lumber.

Is this bad?

Deforestation kills animals and the environment there. The wood from the trees is used for our furniture, homes, and buildings and then all the landscape left over is taken up by people. The problem is that the trees and plants are homes to the animals and insects, meaning that when we do this were leaving wild animals without homes or food. It also has effects on us since plants provide oxygen. About 20% of earth's oxygen is produced by the Amazon Rain-forest, and its known as the "Lungs of the Planet" but is still being burned and cut apart. So it is bad and good for humans but not so good for the animals.

The Amazon Rainforest

This rain-forest is one place where deforestation is occurring. The Amazon Rainforest is very important to the earth, it provides a lot of oxygen since its so huge and is a home for lots of animals. Thanks wildlife rescue teams such as KAYA, animals in the Amazon Rainforest are being rescued and protected. Though saving these animals helps, it still isn't doing enough for the soil. In this picture they are slashing and burning the trees and plants.

How can we solve this problem?

I think we should just stop having babies and figure out more ways to help our "needs" rather than hurting the earths nature.