Tennis Shoes

History of Tennis Shoes

The first Tennis Shoes were rubber canvases made for playing sports in the 19th century. In 1892, the U.S Rubber Company created their own shoes and called them Keds. In 1909, a track coach wanted to create a better shoe design and eventually made a successful company call Nike from his designs. In 1917, the U.S Rubber Company began to mass produce the Keds. In 1984, Michael Jordan signed a contract to wear the Nike shoes called "Air Jordans," and they became the most popular shoe. In 2013, Nike announced it would begin creating the first shoes with 3D printed soles.

A day in the life of Tennis Shoes

My shoes wake up bright and early every morning, with green and blue long shoe strings and big rubber soles, they help carry me to school each day. With them tied to my feet, I walk down the hall to my classes. They help me move through the hall traffic as the day passes. We then find our way to the cafeteria and then to the bus loop. As the day winds down, we eventually make our way to the school bus and head back home. Finally back home, I put them aside to rest for the night.

Connection to my Passion

My tennis shoes are almost always with me, whether at school, at home, or someplace far away. When I'm fishing however, they are definitely with me at all times. They have seen anywhere from not getting a bite to reeling in a 6lb Bass. They help me get to the places through woods or through muddy areas. I can always count on them.
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