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Rolling Thunder Skating Center

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Fun Facts about skating!

* The first roller skate was by John Joseph Merlin, who demonstrated in-line skates with metal wheels back in 1760.

* The four-wheel turning roller skate was designed in 1863, in New York City by James Leonard Plimpton.

* Roller Skating helps develop motor and listening skills.

The number of calories burned per hour while skating at 6 mph is 350 and 600 while skating at 10 mph.

Rolling Thunder Skating Center Outing

Friday, Oct. 25th 2013 at 3-6:30pm

7017 Roosevelt Boulevard

Philadelphia, PA

Cost: $10 per person (includes admission and 3hr skate rental, 6 game tokens per students, a slice of pizza and soft drink)


3:00pm-3:30pm- Sign in, money collection, and icebreaker

3:30-5:00pm- Group skating/ arcade

5:00-5:30pm- Snack ( slice of pizza and soft drink)

5:30-6:15pm- More skating and games!!!

6:15-6:30pm- Wrap up and departures

How to RSVP?

If you would like to attend this event you must RSVP by emailing your FSC either or by 10/11/13 and specify parent(s) names attending, student(s) attending, grade, teacher and any non-PAVCS student attending.

*In consideration of our students with food allergies, please refrain

from bringing nut products. Latex Items, Smoking and Pets are also not allowed at any

PAVCS event.*

Purpose of Outing: Social

Learning Objective:

Students will connect with peers and build relationship.

Students will also have the opportunity to engage in a physical activity.

Students will learn fun facts about roller skating.

OLS hours: 3 hours of PE

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