High School History Teacher

Robert Wilke Period I

Career Details


  • Prepare course materials (Homework, Handouts, etc.)
  • Develop lectures and presentations
  • Compile and administer grades and tests
  • Plan/evaluate material and curriculum
  • Student Management
  • attain/distribute class supplies and materials.

Average Hours/Working Schedule-

  • 6-8 hour days, 5 days a week. (In Class teaching)
  • several hours outside of class working on class material (grading H.W)
  • Tendency to work O.T to meet student needs
  • Time off spent developing schedule for class topics
  • Summer off, but tends to be spent developing following year class plan

Working location(s)-

  • High School Class Room
  • Majority of time spent in single class room, however, you may be required to move between classes.
  • Department office.
  • Home can be a place of work after hours.

Salary/Wage Potential-

  • Median Wages for 2011: $65,860 (Tends to be payed on Salary, can be hourly depending on school)

Education Needed-

  • Mandatory Master's degree in Education
  • Teaching certification
  • Masters or above in U.S History ( Additional majors in Govt, Law, English, etc. Recommended for higher chance of employment.)
  • Doctoral Degree optional (Recommended for advancement.)

Skills Required-

Public speaking (for talking in front of students)

Dedication to students

Meticulous (For grading papers and spotting errors)


Being able to explain and answer questions in detail

Decision Making



Critical Thinking

Job Outlook+Growth-

Total amount of people employed: 1,756,000

Projected growth for 2010-2020: 10%-19% average

Projected positions 2010-2020: 586,100

Advancement and Related Jobs-

Advancement can lead to becoming department chair. From there you can move up into higher positions within the school, all the way up to principal.

Related Jobs- Political Science Teacher, Geography Teacher, Cultural Studies Teacher, and Philosophy Teacher. Those are jobs located within education. However, you may also get into the Historian Field, Archaeology, and Government positions, with the right education and additional majors (Law, Political Science)

George Williams college offers a dozen majors that would help me get into this field. From an education major to any derivative of History.