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April 10, 2014

Who's Audrey?

NP3 Middle would like to welcome the newest addition, Cart 1 (The Hunt likes to think of her as Audrey). Cart 1 houses 36 laptops, graciously prepped by Sharon Maccini and Nancy Kidd. The cart has been used all week by social studies teachers to prep students on the upcoming SBAC. Everything seems to be running smoothly and as planned! We can't wait to enhance instruction with the laptops next year!

Hooray for laptops! Go technology! Ideas are welcome!

Fun in Math and P.E.!

Activate Prior Knowledge! How does the video ensure participation from everyone?

NP3 Announcements Mateys!

For Teachers Only:

  • SMART! How's your SMART goal progress? Share your progress! Get talkin'!
  • NP3 Website! Don't forget to keep your website up to date with class and advisory information, announcements. A suggestion: when sending out emails to parents, also include a link directly to your site for parent ease!
  • SBAC Dates! 7th grade SBAC starts April 14 and 8th grade SBAC and CST Science are the week of April 21. There will be no minimum days in April.
  • 8th grade portfolios! The HS does not want them. At the end of Q4 please give them to the 8th graders-FYI.
  • 6th celebration! The next one is scheduled for Friday April 11.
  • Bike Month Presentations! In PE 4/18 & 4/25-more info to come at PD.
  • Science Camp! Is coming!!! 4/29-5/2.
  • AICs (for 8th only)! Are coming 4/30.
  • May 2! Is a half day due to HS end of quarter.
  • Grades Due! 8th report cards due Thur May 22 and 6th/7th report cards due Thur May 29!

Share with Advisees:

  • Cancellation of minimum days! Week of April 21st was scheduled to be minimum days - they have been changed to regular school days from 8am-3pm. This information will also be explained in a parent letter re: SBAC March 12th.
  • Science Camp! Is coming!!! 4/29-5/2.
  • May 2! Is a half day due to HS end of quarter.
  • See's Candy Fundraiser! 6th is selling teh candy for Sci Camp 4/2-4/12.
  • Testing! If you're SBACing, you have a special schedule with longer periods and no enrichment/intervention!