February 9, 2018

General Reminders

  • With it being bitter cold out each day, please remember to send warm outdoor clothes for your child. They spend 20 minutes outside for their first recess and 15 minutes for their second recess. Our playground gets very windy and the wind can be bitter cold. We go outside if the windchill is 0 or above.
  • If your family is planning on taking a vacation, please fill out the pre-excused forms. The office really appreciates having those filled out in advanced. They inform all the teachers that work with your child that he or she will be absent. Click Here if you need one or you can always find them on our school's website!

Weekly Reminders

  • Conferences will be held on February 20th and the 22nd. You can schedule your conferences using TEESO. Click Here to schedule your child's conference starting on February 12th. The window closes on February 18th.
  • Please send your child's Valentine's with them by February 14th. We will be spending time to pass them out on Wednesday! Your child only needs to sign their name on each Valentine.

Weekly Activities

  • We had a great week of school! The boys and girls worked hard and we did a lot of learning!!!
  • In math we continued to talk about number partners in many ways. We go over this concept a lot to help build fluency in addition and subtraction. If your child knows that 2 + 3 = 5 eventually they will know that 5 - 3 = 2 or 200 + 300 = 500!
  • In Language Arts we talked about the "Skippy the Frog" as a reading strategy. It is the strategy that when I get to an unknown word in a sentence, I can skip it and continue reading. Sometimes the other words in the sentence help the child figure out the unknown word. We also talked about "Problem" and "Solution" is stories. When doing a read aloud with your child ask them to tell you what was the problem and how did it get fixed.
  • In Social Studies we completed our unit on United States Symbols. Next week we will begin our unit on Weather and Seasons.
  • In writing we talked about planning our writing out, using our partners to ask questions and read our stories to and rereading our work to make sure we understand what we wrote.