Living Online

Top 12 list on what to do and what not to do on the internet

The List

1. Never share your password with anyone, even if its someone you know. You should only know your password.

2. Never click on any suspicious links, even though they may look real, they may contain a virus.

3. Never click on any ads, even though you might have "Won a free iPad!" it will send you to a website asking for your personal information, including your credit card number.

4. Never reply to a suspicious email, even if it looks like a real person. It usually is a spam bot, a program that is designed to send other email users spam and random emails.

5. Always be sure to remember your password, write it down if you have to. But be careful, make sure to hide the password somewhere you know and somewhere nobody else knows.

6. It is always important to check your email every once in a while, you may find that someone is trying to contact you.

7. Never give out your personal information, other people can use this to taint your name.

8. Don't expose yourself too much on the internet, it is not wise to leave everything about your life in a blog.

9. Never use your real name on the internet unless it is completely necessary.

10. Never click on downloads on the internet unless your sure that your using the official website for the product.

11. Never illegally download software, this includes music, movies, and videos.

12. And finally if you use someone else's product in a project or video, be sure to ask them first and give credit.