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Liza, Astrid, Abegya

Booth was pro slavery and supported the confederacy.

This means that Booth was furious that the confederacy lost. Booth stated, "that is the last speech he will ever give," after Lincoln gave a speech on April 13th. Also, Booth was mad when Lincoln promised slaves political freedom.

Booth had many connections that helped him establish an assassination plan.

Booth ensembled enough men for another mission and threaten to have them hanged if they did not go through with the plan. Lewis's job was to murder the secretary of state and Davis's job was to accompany Lewis to Seward's and guide the assassination.

Some people believe Andrew Johnson was involved with Booth.

However, according to James Swanson Atzerodt job was to assassinate Johnson.

Others claim the Roman Catholic Church was behind Lincoln's assassination by training Booth.

In the novel, there is not connection between the Roman Cathoic Church and its members.