Women’s Swimwear

Summer season is here and what other way to flaunt your summer bod than in a fashionable swimsuit. If you have plans of enjoying your summer on the beach than it’s time to start looking for the perfect beach wear.

One-Piece Swimsuit

The one-piece swimsuit will forever be a vintage look. This style of swimsuit compliments curvy body types. The fabrics that will best flatter your figure are lycra spandex, and polymide. Women with a curvy body type should pick monotone swimsuit, mostly in deep shades such as black, mauve, blue and should avoid striped boy shorts, thin string bikini bottoms.

womens-one piece swimwear
womens- one piece swimwear

Bikini Swimsuit

This is any girl’s all time favorite beach wear. It is a two-piece swimsuit which has a myriad of styles fashioned for every body shape. The various styles of bikini are the monokini, microkini, trikini, bandeaukini, skirtini, and tankini. A monokini style is rectangular or ruler shaped and is best suited for curvy women. The bandeaukini style is best suited for hourglass shape body types and mid-bust women. The trikini style is best suited for hourglass and ruler shape body style. The tankini style is best suited for apple shape body type. The bikini top and bottom is best suited for hourglass shape body type and high waisted bottom for pear shape body type. There are different types of trending patterns for bikinis such as tie-dye print, exotic boho prints, fringes style, neon shades, ruffles cutout patterns and more.

womens-bikini swimwear

Skirtini Swimsuit

The skirtini has a modish looking short and sexy looking swimsuit that would cover up your hip and thighs. The best body type for the skirtini is a pear shape body type. Women with fuller thighs can bring an illusion of thinner thighs.

Tankini Swimsuit

The tankini set is a mélange of a tank top with bikini bottom. The tankini hides the tummy fat flawlessly and is perfect for apple shaped girls. Women with apple shaped body types should go for a V neck tankini because it will bring a narrow waist illusion.


Leg Suit Swimsuit

This swimsuit is a figure hugging swimsuit. This is the perfect swimwear for aerobics in a pool or for just swimming because it is a comfortable swimsuit. This swimsuit looks best on hourglass body types and long leg women.

Sling Swimsuit

The sling swimsuit has a suspender thong and is a Y shaped style, slingshot swimsuit. This swimsuit is great for women with a rectangle shaped body types who has no curves because this swimsuit will give them an illusion of curves.


Bandeau Swimsuit

A bandeau top has no shoulder straps and is a large strip of fabric covering the bust. They either tie or clasp in the back. The bandeau swimsuit is best suited for mid-bust women. Women with an hourglass shaped body type can best flaunt this swimsuit. The best trending patterns for the bandeau swimsuit are the colorblock, tropical prints, and neon shades. Women should avoid the mix and match style and go for a matching set.


Top-Bottom Set Swimwear

This is the perfect swimsuit for women who are shy to show skin. Women with apple shaped body type and with upper body being heavier than lower body, can wear the top-bottom set. When wearing this swimsuit, you would only be dragging attention to your legs. The trending patterns for this swimwear are tribal prints, floral prints and monotone.

The Best Accessories for Your Swimwear


A simple wide brimmed hat is perfect to pair with your bikini. It will also help if you want to avoid sun burning your face and neck. Whether it’s a dainty, floppy hat, or something minimalist like straw fedora, hats never fail to glam up a beach outfit.


Sunglasses should be worn to keep eyes protected from harmful UV rays, but they’re also the most stylish accessory to be worn with your beach wear. You can choose from a huge number of different designs, colors and styles.


A chokers and layered necklaces are ideal to be worn along with your bikini.


Earrings are also a great accessory for the beach, but the smaller they are, the better. Large earrings can get caught and tangled while you’re in the water.


Kimonos are the perfect swimsuit cover up, offering ample coverage in the front and back.